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Geopointe Maps Export CSV Dataset data along with Shape Data?

Is it possible to export a CSV that has both data set information and the shape layer information? The end goal is to have a spreadsheet that counts the number of contacts in each ward. https://imgur....
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Contact MailingAddress not geocoding after Data Integration rule turned on

I'm trying to goecode the MailingAddress for our Contact objects but the Lat/Long fields stay blank after turning on the Data Integration Rule. I've provided valid postcode, country, city and street ...
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Billing Geocode fields empty with BillingAddress populated

I have data loaded some accounts with BillingAddress populated (including street, postal code), looking at the dev console... those records don't have any values in the BillingLat or BillingLong ...
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Lightning web component calling Google geocode service in background

I have created a lighting web component, I am using Google geocode service in it for getting Lat-long, To prevent for calling in each time on the page load I store that data in a custom object and ...
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How to geocode in Lightning?

Anyone know if its possible to use the google geocoder API from a Lightning component? Using visual force and javascript I have can make use of google maps goecoder API to get the geolocation of ...
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Pass id:address from apex to visualforce

I need to pass several Objects from Apex to visualforce, geocode them using the google javascript api, and then pass them back to Apex. I've been attempting to accomplish this by creating a ...
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2 answers

Geocoding - get lat/long for 110,000 address

What I have: List of 110,000 address (street + city+ state+ zip code) all address are from US What I am looking for: get "geocodes" (latitude/longitude) of all address. using a opensource API, or a ...
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1 answer

How do you get the lat/long of an apex:mapMarker that has been geocoded in Visualforce?

As of API 32.0, it's easy to create a map in Visualforce with <apex:map> and <apex:mapMarker> even takes string addresses as a position and will geocode the address automatically. You can ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Are latitude and longitude saved automatically?

I'm wanting to use the BillingLatitude and BillingLongitude fields attached to my Account object in a workflow rule, but I can't seem to get them to work. I pulled an export via Data Loader of the ...
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Google Geocoding API error message: "You have exceeded..." when trying to get latitude and longitude

When using the Geocoding API from apex code on Salesforce developer account, I get the following error: { "error_message" : "You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API.", "results" ...
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