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Is it possible to use a custom object with collaborative forecasts?

My organization has a custom object that has a child relationship with the opportunity object. We use this object for monthly bookings. Our organization has consumption based pricing. We might have ...
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Revenue Scheduling and Collaborative forecasting

I was working on Product Revenue Scheduling and I have hit a road-block. My Org uses "Collaborative forecasting" and I am not able to configure the forecasting to reflect the schedules. It displays ...
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Managers Adjustment Column in Forecasting

We are looking to use the Managers Adjustment Column in Forecasting After testing I get the In selection as it Totals the In values in the Commit Header BUT If I choose Out it does not add the Out ...
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can Sharing rules provides access to forecast hierarchy

Role A Role A1 Role A2 Role A3 Role B Role B1 Role B2 Role C Role C1 I have sharing rule on Opportunity to share the records of A1,A2,A3,B1,B2 to C1. But in the forecast tab, For C1 , he ...
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Enable Einstein Forecasting

I have recently started working on Einstein Forecasting. How much time does it takes to enable Einstein Forecasting? I have enabled it 4 days ago, but still I can see that the Einstein Forecasting ...
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Can we do forecasting on custom date instead of close date

I am using collaborative forecasting and it's using standard close date for forecast period but I have two close dates, one for sales and second for management so I want to use forecast on custom ...
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