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SOQL Query tool to pull data from salesforce records

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Trouble after Resetting Password and Security Token

I reset my password, and then my security token. But my Mule connector won't connect, and " Explorer (Beta)" says Login failed: INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or ...
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Query Builder in Developer Console

Is there a way we can build query in developer console just how we do in IDE or explorer.I see a query editor but not query builder in developer console.
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Reporting Query to use in Klipfolio for 3 levels deep case hierarcy

- I have a 3 levels deep case hierarchy: Case level 1 (1.createdate, 1.closedate, 1.type, 1.subtype) | +---> Case level 2 (2.createdate, 2.closedate, 2.type, 2.subtype) | +---> Case ...
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147 views Explorer with OAuth complient environments

As I can see (correct me if I am wrong), Explorer can't be used for Salesforce environments where forcing of OAuth 2.0 compliance is set to true ? Is there some newer version of this ...
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Query SQL to SOQL

I want write this query whith SOQL Selecte User.Username, CollaborationGroup.Name,CollaborationGroup.LastModifiedDate From User, CollaborationGroup Where User.Id = CollaborationGroup.OwnerID ...
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Has Explorer been abandoned?

It's still listed as "Beta" and missing plenty of features (like the ability to download the results of a query), but per the download page, it hasn't been updated since October 2011. I think it is ...
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Bug in explorer

Can anyone check and let me know if the same thing happens for you? A bug in explorer Adding a subquery in the SELECT portion before FROM reduces the number of records returned. Also if I ...
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