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SFDX Org Creation command fails with strange error `DomainNotFound` `The org cannot be found`

I have a command in the CI to create a scratch org sfdx force:org:create -f config/project-scratch-def.json -a scratch-org -s -d 1 -u Prod --json Whether I execute it through the CI or manually, I ...
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Error ssl reason: write EPROTO and wrong version number

When i try to implement the lwc Ebike project i have this error and I can't understand :
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Can not create Scratch org

I have an issue when invoke this line in terminal sfdx force:org:create edition=Developer -a MyScratchOrg -s -v devHub or this one sfdx force:org:create -f config/enterprise-scratch-def.json -a ...
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sfdx force:org:create throwing an error after creating a Sandbox

I'm running sfdx force:org:create command to create a Developer Sandbox. The sandbox creation is done successfully but it's throwing an error during the activation. The error message reads as "ERROR ...
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SFDX Snapshot - Unsupported snapshot signup request fields: Namespace

How to create a scratch org from a snapshot with namespace? Any workaround or solution? Error { "status": 1, "name": "INVALID_INPUT", "message": "Unsupported snapshot signup request fields: ...
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SFDX Snapshot - Worker SnapshotTemplateResolver exception

Does anyone know how to fix the issue below? { "status": 1, "name": "FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION", "message": "Worker SnapshotTemplateResolver threw an unhandled exception. null", "exitCode": 1,...
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