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What is the permission set required to query all FlowInterview details?

I would like to create an extract of all Failed Flow Interviews to load into a data warehouse. The current attempt is to utilize our Rest API data extraction to execute a SOQL query against the ...
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Determining Flow Orchestration Version from a Flow Interview

I am trying to find a way to determine the running flow version of an orchestration using the Flow Interview Id. When looking at the Flow Interview page from Paused & Failed Flow Interviews I get ...
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Can later runs of a flow see records inserted in an earlier run of the same flow interview?

I am running into a strange problem with a flow that has lead me to wonder if I am not understanding how flow interviews work on bulk inserts and I am not able to find any documentation that answers ...
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Salesforce Flow Pause Element error

I have a salesforce flow that is an invoked flow from a button click on a list. After clicking the button, I send the ID of the parent record to the flow, and get all the child records with a get ...
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Any other solutions other than Pause and Resume flow interview?

My requirement : I have a simple flow where in the flow sends an email to the contact but now client wants to first receive the email to their specific sales rep and if everything is ok, then would ...
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Getting the error "Invalid constructor name: myFlow.start" when calling the flow interview start() method

I'm trying to invoke an autolaunched flow from an apex class like below, @RestResource(urlMapping='/apex/contact_us') global class ContactUsAPI { Map<String, Object> request = (Map<String,...
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Record Triggered Flow trying to create duplicate records

I have a record triggered flow that needs to create related records if they do not already exist. However, once the record is created, if other records in the transaction would have triggered a create ...
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Is it possible to delete a record created during a flow interview that has been interrupted?

I have a screen flow where a user creates a record in one screen, and in the next screen the user uploads a file to the record that has just been created. Then, the user presses a button that launches ...
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Resume Flow to the CurrentElement step

I am querying for CurrentElement on FlowInterview. Now is there a way to pass that CurrentElement into the flow interface in salesforce and tell it to resume the flow from that step? The scenario is ...
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Can't get flow variable from flow interview I created and started in Apex

Having come across documentation that states that flow variables can be retrieved for a specific flow in Apex, I tested this by writing the following code: myEvent__e eventRecord = new myEvent__e( ...
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Why are flow interviews paused

I created some flows which get triggered at certain conditions (on opportunity won send survey, send email, ...). Now I am seeing some of them in a list of Paused Flow Interviews. Details page is not ...
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0 answers

Flow Interview on Invocable Process - how to get test coverage

I’m looking at a list of flows that don’t currently have code coverage obtained by running the following Tooling API SOQL: SELECT Definition.DeveloperName FROM Flow WHERE Status = 'Active' AND (...
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5 votes
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Unit test for Pause Reason in a Screen Flow

I've created a script in apex that captures the pause reason in a screen flow. In general, I use the FlowRecordRelation and FlowInterview to capture the pause reason and save it to a specific field. ...
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Make It Easy for Users to Find Paused Flow Interviews for a Record - Test Class

Has anyone successfully created a test class for this?
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How do you determine which element is the paused element in your process builder?

I have an advanced process builder that i'm working with. I was under the impression that each criteria and action are 'elements' in the process builder that determines the element that get's paused ...
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