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Getting the error "Invalid constructor name: myFlow.start" when calling the flow interview start() method

I'm trying to invoke an autolaunched flow from an apex class like below, @RestResource(urlMapping='/apex/contact_us') global class ContactUsAPI { Map<String, Object> request = (Map<String,...
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Record Triggered Flow trying to create duplicate records

I have a record triggered flow that needs to create related records if they do not already exist. However, once the record is created, if other records in the transaction would have triggered a create ...
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Is it possible to delete a record created during a flow interview that has been interrupted?

I have a screen flow where a user creates a record in one screen, and in the next screen the user uploads a file to the record that has just been created. Then, the user presses a button that launches ...
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Resume Flow to the CurrentElement step

I am querying for CurrentElement on FlowInterview. Now is there a way to pass that CurrentElement into the flow interface in salesforce and tell it to resume the flow from that step? The scenario is ...
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Can't get flow variable from flow interview I created and started in Apex

Having come across documentation that states that flow variables can be retrieved for a specific flow in Apex, I tested this by writing the following code: myEvent__e eventRecord = new myEvent__e( ...
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Why are flow interviews paused

I created some flows which get triggered at certain conditions (on opportunity won send survey, send email, ...). Now I am seeing some of them in a list of Paused Flow Interviews. Details page is not ...
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Flow Interview on Invocable Process - how to get test coverage

I’m looking at a list of flows that don’t currently have code coverage obtained by running the following Tooling API SOQL: SELECT Definition.DeveloperName FROM Flow WHERE Status = 'Active' AND (...
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Unit test for Pause Reason in a Screen Flow

I've created a script in apex that captures the pause reason in a screen flow. In general, I use the FlowRecordRelation and FlowInterview to capture the pause reason and save it to a specific field. ...
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Make It Easy for Users to Find Paused Flow Interviews for a Record - Test Class

Has anyone successfully created a test class for this?
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How do you determine which element is the paused element in your process builder?

I have an advanced process builder that i'm working with. I was under the impression that each criteria and action are 'elements' in the process builder that determines the element that get's paused ...
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