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Count number of times an opp has been moved to different quarters

I want to be able to count the number of times an opportunity has been moved to different quarters. So, every time the Close Date is edited and moved to a different quarter, I want an existing number ...
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Salesforce won't save the month of FISCAL YEAR change

I'm trying to change the fiscal year month for my organization. However, when I click save, it won't save. Is there any reason why this is happening? Thanks!
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Is there any way to disable custom fiscal years and revert to standard fiscal years

In my Developer Edition,By mistake i have enabled custom fiscal years, Is there any way to disable custom fiscal years and revert to standard fiscal years?
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What is 'Fiscal Period'?

This seems to be a field only accessible via Reporting or Forecasting, but I can't seem to understand how it's set. Anyone have any info on this? Edit: Just created a new opp and it give it a ...
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How to query for FiscalSettings.Name and have returned value be the year not the FiscalSettingsId

My org has custom fiscal settings. I want to get back the start date, end date and year from the Period object. Here is my query currently: List<Period> fiscalCalendar = [SELECT Type,...
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Test class for Organization Fiscal Calendar

I have class that using Period like this : List<Period> thisMonth =[SELECT StartDate, EndDate,FullyQualifiedLabel,Type,Number FROM Period Where type = 'Month' AND StartDate <= TODAY AND ...
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How to track if date change in different quarter in apex

I have one custom date field on opportunity, i want to track if it got change to other quarter. It can be a next quarter or previous quarter or next year or last year. how to track this in Apex ...
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Calculation of Current Fiscal Period

How do I calculate the fiscal period based on today's date?
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