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Leaflet is not working correctly in Mozilla Firefox browser when LWS is enabled in Salesforce

In Salesforce to show the map with pointers I created custom LWC and use Leaflet.js library but there is an issue with LWS and Mozilla Firefox. When LWS is enabled then in Mozilla Firefox browser ...
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unable to preview lightning component in firefox

I am searching lightning component on Salesforce Lightning Web Component Library and there has a option to preview the component. But I can't preview the component on Firefox browser but works ...
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SFCC Salesforce Payments: is it possible to have GooglePay button on FireFox browser?

Do you know if it's possible to have GooglePay express checkout on FireFox browser (desktop or mobile), with configured GooglePay in Salesforce Payments? Look like it's not supported, but some ...
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Is the workaround SAFE for Chrome 92 breaks button actions (Reset Password, custom VF) fix in SFDC?

Is the offered workaround from this known issue universally safe? I ask because it isn't crystal clear (to me) from the Firefox docs that the danger inherent in different-origin Iframe JavaScript ...
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Custom Lightning Page error only in FireFox .The Notification permission may only be requested from inside a short running

I have a fully developed and tested Custom Lightning Page which has a VF component and Several LWC components. Everything was done in Chrome and working fine. It is failing with the error message : &...
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Firefox-only lwc error when console is open (Spring '21 update)

Today I found my scratch org updated with a new critical bug. I have a lwc page containing a plethora of other lwc components, which would be quite a mess to debug file-after-file. It works fine on ...
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Lightning app does not want to run in Firefox

My Lightning app does not want to run in Firefox. The problem is in auto-generated code: Here is the code: "meta":{ "name":"zced$RPGFlowComponent", "extends":"markup://aura:component" } ...
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TypeError: cannot use the given object as a weak map key while using Swiper.js in Firefox

Getting below error in Firefox, when using Swiper.js in a simple Lightning​ App. TypeError: cannot use the given object as a weak map key throws at https://rio-education-dev-ed.lightning.force....
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The d3 js initialization failed in firefox with locker service activated (Summer 17)

The issue is that I am trying to draw a tree using the d3 js library and it works perfectly in chrome and edge, but when I tried to use firefox for this purpose the tree didn't look correctly. The ...
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Firefox Clippings extension no longer working Salesforce Support Console Comments

I use firefox with the Clippings Extension to paste commonly used text into comments in Salesforce. Mostly I use the Console view. A few months ago this stopped working on Windows 10. Last week it ...
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Firefox Clippings add-on no longer working when coding Apex in the browser

I prefer coding directly through the UI rather than using an IDE. In other words, Setup > Develop > Apex Classes > Edit. (Yup, you heard me right - so deal with it and let's move on. ;) In the past, ...
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