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Unexpected behavior on FLOW Finish

I'm trying to override the standard new button on Quote (only VF is an option available) in order to create a Quote with some predefined values on its fields. Wanted to use flow for the same and hence ...
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Run flow from visual force page

I created a visualforce page with an embedded flow. If the flow is finished the new record is opened. So far so good the flow works fine, but the seconed screen with the finish button is not so good. ...
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How to set Finish Location of flow to the community first page

I have two community pages. The first page is just a welcome page. The second page has the flow embedded in it. Once user clicks the flow "Finish" button, it takes user to the start of the flow, which ...
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Flow : redirect to record page when finished

Situation : I have a screen flow that duplicate the record. What I need is to redirect it to the newly created record(duplicate) when the flow is finished. Attempted workaround : 1 . Created a ...
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Test Coverage With Flow and FinishLocation

After some research I found that is not possible to test your flow in a test class. Test ControllerExt for Flow and My logic ...
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Refresh my Account on Finish Button of my Flow

I embedded my flow into a visualforce page and included the command "finishlocation". Using another visualforcepage and an extension I am only able to close the Flow Window. I would rather like to ...
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Finish location not working in flow

So I have a flow so that users can create cases. In my current flow Screen Input -> record create -> Thank you screen. I want users to go back from the thank you screen and edit what they wrote ...
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Format date for the flow:interview finish location

I know there are several questions and answers on how to format a date in a Visualforce page, but now I have a more complex one. I am using a flow in a visualforce page and I need to redirect the ...
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