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Extract specific string in between 2 characters using Salesforce formula

I want to extract the time in this below chat transcript body field. Below is the sample value in Chat Transcript Body field : And I want to take the value 13s <p align="center">Chat ...
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javascript find function not working

I need to get a find function working. I get an error that I'm not sure how to fix. I can get an example to work in a playground based on the mdn site:
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Salesforce does not show users in searches

it happens with all the users of the organization. When we search for a user or a queue, it does not show any results when they exist. For example when I want to change a case owner, when searching ...
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component.find() Not working when there is 1 element, but if they are multiple elements with same ID it works

I have a list of items that I am iterating. Each iteration generates a checkbox: <aura:iteration items="{!v.roles_empty}" var="role" indexVar="idx"> <...
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find method not working in lwc with lightning-radio object array

I am having problem with find method on an array of objects (options) being used for lighting-radio-group. My goal is to get the label of the option selected. Can you please let me know what I am ...
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Remove quotes from within JSON Values

I am using an Apex Action from SF Unofficial to Pos to Slack from a Flow. One of the parameters in Apex Action is the "block" which builds the body json string for the Slack Post. In the ...
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Issues with Find Formula [duplicate]

We have a string coming from another system, and I want to find a specific part of it in Salesforce, but the FIND formula is not working for me. This is the string I'm doing a search in: [{“title”:“...
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Apex - List findIndex

How can I do like findIndex from List in Apex? I wanna do like below. public class SelectItem { public String Text { get; set; } public String Value { get; set; } } public void FooMethod() { ...
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How to find all records where a textfield contains "04/06/2020" twice? [duplicate]

this is a bit of an odd one. Say I need to find all Accounts where the textarea field "Notes__c" contains the text 04/06/2020 twice, how would I go about that? Ideally using Apex or Reports. ...
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component.find().get("v.value") not working for unique local ID

According to lightning:select documentation the following should work:Component Markup <lightning:select name="selectBoatType" aura:id="currentBoatTypeChoice" ...
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Lightning component.find("aura:id") returns an array consisting of one element

I found the following excerpt in the documentation: If the local ID is unique, find() returns the component. If there are multiple components with the same local ID, find() returns an array ...
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Account Trigger find Ultimate Parent Account

There is a field on Account called Account.Ultimate_Parent__c. I want to update(through trigger) this field with correct value whenever Account.Parent field is Changed. Although, Ultimate Parent ...
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basis of the ordering of list returned by component.find()

I am using component.find(aura_id) to get the component. I have multiple components with the same aura_id So I am getting a list. My question: What is the basis of the ordering of list returned by ...
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find() elements in {!v.body}

I'm rendering components in the body of another component: <c:test> <input type="text" aura:id="fooBar" /> </c:test> In this c:test component I'm trying to access the inner ...
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