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2 answers

How to Report a Salesforce Issue

While creating report in Salesforce, we can add the date filter to filter the records. This is allowing from date as today and to date as past date. The Salesforce should throw validation error in ...
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I want to debug a test method, but the debug log is mostly taken up by "ENTERING_MANAGED_PKG" lines. In the Setting Debug Log Filters page, it suggests that this line is only shown if "Apex Code" is ...
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4 answers

Filter in Related List using fields from related record

Here is the scenario - I am showing related orders in opportunity page layout by using related list lightning component. Order is having two record types - say A and B. In the Opportunity detail ...
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How to use ORDER BY and GROUP BY together in the same query

I am trying to retrieve a list of LoginHistory for a bunch of users, but only want the most recent LoginHistory for each user. I have been trying this query, but I keep getting an unknown parsing ...
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How to have 2 tabs for the same object, with different default filtering?

At our company, we want to create 2 tabs for the same object and call them differently. The object in question we want to use is the Opportunity object. By default, we want one of the tab to only ...
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SimpleFilterPart: today's date minus 180 Days

I have to create DataFilters using SOAP API, therefore I have to define FilterPart using Java code. I can create this properly using UI and define filter as: profile attributes match "Last Purchase ...
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3 votes
1 answer

SimpleFilterPart on date fields (EventDate)

I'm currently using the Java bindings of the Partner API to extract unsubs, clicks, bounces and other events. This is working as expected, however I'd like to slice my requests by a date range (...
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1 answer

Filters/Decision Splits for specific rows in a Data Extension (when Contact/Subscriber has more than one row)

When a Contact/Subscriber has multiple rows in a Data Extension, I need to be able to filter and make decisions based on a specific row (i.e., the row that qualified them for the current entry into ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Primary Contact for Account

Is there any OOTB way of having a Primary Contact for an Account? One idea is to create a custom lookup field for Primary Contact on Account object. However, it will need validation such as the ...
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Data Filters and Measures Error for Unique Opens

I am having an error when trying to implement a data filter using a measure I created. I am implementing this filter to create a filtered data extension. Here are the details: I am using a data ...
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2 answers

Query the "All Contacts" table in Mobile Connect?

Is there a way to query the "All Contacts" table in Mobile Connect? It seems the Filter does not have an filter parameter for not begins or any other way to include such search criteria.
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1 answer

Create a Complex Filter Definition via SSJS

I am looking to do a 'Create Filter Definition' (to initially create these filters) and then an iterative 'Update Filter Definition' to mostly automate our constantly changing campaign requirements - ...
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Exacttarget - Sending email to filters VS sending email to filtered data extension

I would like to send emails to a group of subscribers. I would like to filter them from the data extension subscriver_all, where all my subscribers are. From what I know there are two ways of doing ...
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