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Questions tagged [file-sharing]

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How to make on the uploaded file setting: "File Privacy on Records" to be set to "Private on Records" by default

Currently, every uploaded file has "File Privacy on Records" set to "Visible to Anyone With Record Access". I want this to be always "Private on Records". FYI "Set ...
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1 answer

Not able to share files with external users

We have a use case to share files created by internal user to be available to the external users automatically. The external user is the owner of the record, but still cannot see the file uploaded by ...
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INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, You don't have permission to share this file.: [ContentDocumentId]

I am Facing this issue only while executing the below code in the Guest User context, how to resolve it? The exeption occurs while inserting contentDocumentLink Record. ContentVersion cv = new ...
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How to make Product Images visible in Partner Community when user selects "Add Products" on an opportunity

I uploaded images to "Files" and created to Fields on the Product Object, "Product Image"(Formula) and "Product Image Link"(Text255). My formula below displays images on ...
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Is there any way to remove the option "Customer Access” from UI while sharing file attached to a record?

We don’t have either community or chatter enabled in our Org, but still seeing this option which will be misleading for the Users. I looked at salesforce help page but no luck so far! Appreciate ...
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0 answers

Why files related list showing Delete button when I have read-only access?

Why Files related list showing Delete button when I have read and edit ponly access? The ContentVersion sharing is 'Inferred' -> set by record
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1 answer

Salesforce Files - Is it possible to link a file with Case + specific user and skip it from Content Document link API call?

We've a use case where our customer wants us to link a File record to Case but not fetch it via Content Document link API call i.e. mark it private for selective internal Salesforce users. In nutshell,...
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1 answer

How to generate an external downloadlink for files

I have created a visualforce page (site) with a dowloadlink from files. I can use this when I am logged in into Salesforce. I want to achieve this for external users by a site. In salesforce It is ...
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How can i control users from accessing files

How can I control access to files although the user has read/write access to the records? Ex scenario: User A & B have r/w access to a record X. User A wants to attach a file to record X, but do ...
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content deliveries and public links missing in npsp org

I have created a trigger on contentDocumentLink in my developer org and generating public url for file sharing using ContentDistribution object and when i started moving code to npsp org sandbox, ...
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