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INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, You don't have permission to share this file.: [ContentDocumentId]

I am Facing this issue only while executing the below code in the Guest User context, how to resolve it? The exeption occurs while inserting contentDocumentLink Record. ContentVersion cv = new ...
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How to make Product Images visible in Partner Community when user selects "Add Products" on an opportunity

I uploaded images to "Files" and created to Fields on the Product Object, "Product Image"(Formula) and "Product Image Link"(Text255). My formula below displays images on ...
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Is there any way to remove the option "Customer Access” from UI while sharing file attached to a record?

We don’t have either community or chatter enabled in our Org, but still seeing this option which will be misleading for the Users. I looked at salesforce help page but no luck so far! Appreciate ...
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Why files related list showing Delete button when I have read-only access?

Why Files related list showing Delete button when I have read and edit ponly access? The ContentVersion sharing is 'Inferred' -> set by record
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Salesforce Files - Is it possible to link a file with Case + specific user and skip it from Content Document link API call?

We've a use case where our customer wants us to link a File record to Case but not fetch it via Content Document link API call i.e. mark it private for selective internal Salesforce users. In nutshell,...
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How to generate an external downloadlink for files

I have created a visualforce page (site) with a dowloadlink from files. I can use this when I am logged in into Salesforce. I want to achieve this for external users by a site. In salesforce It is ...
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How can i control users from accessing files

How can I control access to files although the user has read/write access to the records? Ex scenario: User A & B have r/w access to a record X. User A wants to attach a file to record X, but do ...
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content deliveries and public links missing in npsp org

I have created a trigger on contentDocumentLink in my developer org and generating public url for file sharing using ContentDistribution object and when i started moving code to npsp org sandbox, ...
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