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Each Field within an Object has it's own CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) security permissions applied to it. Field level security settings can make the security applied to a field more restrictive for a User's Profile beyond what Object level security would on it's own, but cannot make the security less restrictive.

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Set Field Level security for profile using meta-data api

I am using meta-data api to create custom fields in java class. Now I want to set field level security for different profiles. First is it possible to set this with meta-dat api, If yes than how can I ...
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Does Process Builder run with System permissions or User permissions?

Regarding field-level security, does Lightning Process Builder run as system-level permissions or user? That is: Can I trigger an update to a field that the current user cannot edit? Can I filter ...
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How do 'Modify All Data' and 'View All Data' affect Field-Level Security settings

Does the Modify All Data or View All Data permission allow a user/profile to ignore the FLS settings for an object? The documentation would seem to suggest that this is the case, but I've found ...
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Newbie Q: Is "Field Level Security" the same as "Field Accessibility"?

There are two buttons that seem very similar when viewing the detial page for an object: Set Field Level Security and View Field Accessibility. They both seem to allow you to set the field level ...
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Drawbacks of Marketing Cloud field level encryption?

I have a client who has sensitive data that they will be connecting to Marketing cloud via Marketing cloud connector. I'm investigating whether field level encryption is the way forward once the data ...
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Can you restrict edit access to a field once it is populated?

I am working on a Picklist requirement which needs to give Edit access to all by default. Once any value is entered by any user, edit access should be restricted to all except Admin Profiles. Any ...
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Schema.SobjectField Access Changed in API v34.0 (Summer '15)

While I was working on a Visualforce page which has some similar functionality to another page that has already been developed in the past into one of my other orgs, I decided to re-use the same code ...
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Field Level Security for new fields

When creating new fields, some profiles are checked by default on page load. How are these profiles determined ?
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New field permission during Push update

The question is about permission for newly added custom field in a managed package. Consider the situation when we have a managed package (say version 1.0), and we're going to Push upgrade on customer'...
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Contact last-modified date changed by read-only user

Have a number of read only users, that appear to all be setup the same way, though one of the users is somehow being logged as the user for the last-modified date on the contact. Again, checked the ...
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How to pass Schema.SObjectType to a class method as an argument?

In an effort to write reusable code, I am trying to move my field-level security check code into a common class/methods. Because the Schema.SObjectType is dynamic, I am looking for a way to pass ...
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What determines the default FLS settings when creating a new field

In step 3 of the create new field wizard, you are presented with a page like this: Why do some of the profiles get default visibility and some don't? There is probably an extremely simple profile ...
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Not able to get Asset Level field permission through SOQL

I have a permission set named abc. Permission to Asset Level field for Asset object is defined like below in abc: I am trying to get field level permissions for abc permission set using the below ...
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How to disable or readonly lookup field in standard page

EDIT: On a standard page. NOT using VF page Is it possible to write a validation rule or any approach to make a field disabled once the user save? I have a page with couple of fields including ...
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Restrict access to specific fields when using Salesforce Integration User Licence on Standard objects (like Contacts)

By default, the Salesforce Integration User Licence doesn't provide access to a variety of standard objects (including Contacts and Accounts). You can extend the access for an integration to those ...
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Can we change FLS for required field?

I am aware of following: ProfileFieldLevelSecurity ProfileFieldLevelSecurity represents the field level security for users assigned to a profile. In API version 30.0 and later, permissions for ...
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How to update field-level-security using Metadata-API via Apex (using MetadataService.cls)

I'm trying to grant FLS access using MetadataService.cls (found here Assume there is a field Test__c on Account with no FLS permissions granted to ...
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