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Error: Unsupported field type called "Text (Encrypted)

I was hoping to get some ideas on how can I go about doing this. So I want to run a report that checks if one Encrypted field in one of our objects is empty but we cant use encrypted fields in any of ...
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Group By fails with invalid field - How to handle encrypted fields?

I want to find every record that occurs at least two times. The result should be something like this MyLineItem__c Type__c ItemValueString__c Count Foo Boo Booze 2 Yal Bal Jazz 2 Xul Xal Xray 3 I ...
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Storing Encrypted Voucher Codes in Marketing Cloud

We are using a lot of vouchers in our marketing campaigns and usually, vouchers are uniquely assigned to a specific user when they are being issued on the back-end, and therefore no other user can ...
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SOSL query the encrypted text field is possible but NOT in Apex test class?

I created an classic encrypted text field called "encryptedPIIData__c" in User object and added the User data. I created a function that is able query out via SOSL based on the encrypted ...
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How to pass an encrypted text field into the body of a http call out in flow

I have built a flow that makes a http callout - Method POST - to pass contact ID Verification documents to an external system. I have a custom Object Verification_Document__c with a master-detail ...
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Remove special characters from encrypted phone field in salesforce

I've encrypted phone field is there and it referred in formula field. I need to remove special character in the formula field (tried with SUBSTITUE) but it is not allowing to change because it's a ...
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Field Level Encryption for Mobile Number

We are planning to enable Field Level Encryption for our Marketing Cloud Instance. Looking at the limitations of FLE from
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Importing File from Marketing Cloud Safehouse with Field Level Encryption

We have automations that run nightly which export business-critical data extensions to our Safehouse in case Marketing Cloud takes a tumble and all our data is lost. Some of these fields in the data ...
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Marketing Cloud Field-Level-Encryption with SSJS not work

I want to use SSJS Script to insert a new Subscriber to the All Subscriber List in our Marketing Cloud, in which the field-level-encryption is turned on and the Email Address of the Subscriber should ...
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2 answers

Has anyone enabled Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in Marketing Cloud?

I've submitted a support ticket to enable Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on a Marketing Cloud instance. Since all of the encryption happens on the backend as opposed to Field Level Encryption (FLE) ...