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Can I create salesforce reports showing user activity?

I need to create reports on a specific user, basically what they've done in recent days in terms of edits/deletes of records on some of the standard SF data objects. I thought that this would be ...
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Feasibility of comprehensive auditing using Apex Triggers

I'm working with an organization that would like to generate comprehensive logs of every change to every record in all standard and custom object. This would be like Field Audit Trail, but going ...
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Field Audit Trail not populating changes

I have added the field audit trail component to a lightning page and enabled history tracking on the object and relevant field, however field history isn't showing up on the related tab (the grid ...
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Can we track changes made via workbench?

We are working on our audit readiness and are preparing to restrict connected app access to Workbench for all profiles, except System Admins for full use and our Analysts so that they may do queries. ...
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