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0 answers

Can i edit locked sentence in feed filters status change?

[![.][1]][1] This is way I can see when case update, I need to see the the thing that updated in this line. But to see that I have to click the drop down arrow in the left side
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1 answer

Mysterious "More" tab shown for one user

One of our users is complaining about a More tab. This is visible on Account Feed Based pages. He sees the tabs Feed, Details and, wait for it, More. The tab More cannot be clicked on. Also: the ...
5 votes
4 answers

is it possible to change the default behaviour of the feed based page layout

I have set up a new page layouot which uses the feed based layout. Is it possible to configure the page to default to the "Details" tab of the page layout as opposed to the feed?
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1 answer

Setting up Related List on Console

I am using the SFDC Sample Console. I have created an Account Page feed-based layout, and assigned it to myself. In the feed-based page layout I have edited the Custom Console Components to display ...
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1 answer

How to remove chatter feeds based on the page layout [duplicate]

I have removed the chatter fields by using " feed tracking" option but i want to remove the chatter feeds based on the page layout (feed should be present for one layout , should not be present for ...
3 votes
0 answers

change the legth of time the "Success! Case Created" notification shows

We're using the contact feed layout for our customer service reps. When they create a case on the contact feed layout page there's a quick note at the bottom of the feed that says, "Success! Case ...
0 votes
1 answer

Create Case feed layout from a regular page layout

I have a normal Case page layout (by normal, i mean its not a feed layout). Is it possible to get a feed layout from that just by cloning? I tried cloning it, but what you get after cloning is also a ...
1 vote
0 answers

Salesforce Console feed view is not showing the left sidebar details

we have enabled feed based layout for one of the page layouts of the custom objects and we have added the some information at left side bar component on "custom console components" page and in the ...