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we are facing issue with external objects. Scenario - we have external data source and using oAuth2.0 as Authentication protocol and using custom auth provider which will manage refresh access tokens....
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Upsert with two external_id in APEX

I can upsert objects with one external_id like below: upsert objects external_id_a; But I want to upsert with two external_id like upsert objects external_id_a external_id_b; But It's wrong syntax. ...
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Capture and track visitor using external form without form handler

We are moving away from using Pardot Form Handler because we've noticed that it has become unreliable on our website. We have a WordPress website that has Gravity Forms for user registration and we're ...
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Can delegated authentication be used with external identity license?

I am preparing for identity and access management exam and I can't find explaination why using External Identity licenses is not a valid option for marketing users which use third-party application ...
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Presenting data in a SF Case externally

I'm looking for a way to present data in a Salesforce Case externally to a customer, without them having any login setup for our Salesforce. There doesn't seem to be any native capability for this in ...
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Can I ask Flow questions from external users?

We would like to be able to ask questions from external users through a Flow if possible. Ideally, we would be sending an email with a link in it and have them answer a couple questions, and Submit. ...
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