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Content relating to Visualforce Controller Extension Classes

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How do I import contacts from Data EXtension into Mobile Connect?

I already have audience in Data Extension. I would like to send SMS to those audience, but I can't access Data Extension from Mobile Connect. I have been told that I can import Data Extension into ...
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Marketing Cloud send syncronized Data Extension information to Data Extension

i just setted up my Sales cloud integration in MC. Im now able to see my "Lead" Data in MC syncr. Data extensions. But i cant get the Data into a normal Data Extension to work with the information i ...
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Pass VF component attribute to component extension

Following is my code: VF PAGE: <apex:page standardController="account" extensions="ForecastHierarchyEditExtension" tabStyle="Account" sidebar="false" standardStylesheets="false"> ...
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How can I clear all data from data extension using Java fuel sdk API

PerformRequestMsg performRequestMsg = new PerformRequestMsg(); performRequestMsg.setAction("ClearData"); PerformRequestMsg.Definitions definitions = new PerformRequestMsg.Definitions(); definitions....
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Export ExactTarget single record to CSV files

I would like to export a single row from a Data Extension to CSV in FTP. Once the download is completed i would like to delete the same record from Data Extension.
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Loop over null throws error in Production but not Sandbox?

I'm trying to debug someone else's code where they're trying to populate a visualforce picklist with options from the controller. Without going into detail, the page is failing to load because the ...
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Dev on extension package against unmanaged version of base package

We are currently developing both an extension and base package. Currently, due to namespaces, we are forced to develop the extension package against a managed base package. When we have to change the ...
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ExactTarget - How to post a record to a data extension that has no primary key?

I have a data extension with the following fields: recordId - number recordKey - text - length: 50 recordValue - text - length: 50 None of the above fields are primary key, because they can occur ...
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While Retriving the Resource from the Org in VS Code Facing SFDX command Error regarding sfdx.retrive.component

I am trying to retrive the resource from the connected Org in VS Code. While clicking on the retrive button vscode is showing me the error like this: Error running command sfdx.retrieve.component: ...
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Sfdx vs code Extension causes high cpu load

I used to work on Vs code for lwc development . I am not aware of the previous version but After Updating to version : 1.51.1 . Authorize an Org : Redirecting to Browser but after logining in the ...
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Expose Visualforce instance url for making rest api call

I have started to make a chrome extension for salesforce. I got this link to start off with. This is a simple extension which queries the ...
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I have added a vf page(displays an error message) in pagelayout. I don't want it to be displayed when the case has attachment

I have a vf page that displays an error message. On Case object when I edit a case, and save it with an attachment, I don't want it to display that vf page. VF Page Code: <apex:page ...
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Automatic pop up appears on clicking on custom button

I have a Url custom button, and for some record types, a pop-up appears on Napili Community after clicking that button. Accept Button url: /XXXX/X/acceptreferral?recordId={!Service_Request__c.Id} ...
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How to add new fields to a VF page when they are not included in the custom controller used for the page

I have a custom controller and VF page which allow my users to create and save a contract by using several information fields on the opportunity and related account page. Since this was first created, ...
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Using Input Field to occupy Output Field through Extensions Class

M a SF rookie and i need the output fields ie Amount,Price and Quantity to be displayed when their respective Product is selected.All are fields of an Sobject known as Sales_Order_Line_Item__c.The ...
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