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Content relating to Visualforce Controller Extension Classes

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4 answers

What is the Difference Between Controllers and Extensions?

Can any one explain the usage of controller and extensions in Visualforce? In which scenario we have to use controller and extensions?
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Can there be a Shared Extension across Multiple Overridden Visualforce Pages?

I would like to know if its possible to share a common extension class across multiple Visualforce Pages which use different standard Controllers. For Eg., I've VF_A Page which overrides default ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Passing parameter to controller extension?

I wish to create hyperlinks to a specific visual force page which displays a list of opportunities. The data in the page will need to be different. In some cases it will be all open opportunities ...
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Reuse / share functionality between base and extension managed packages

I have a managed base package that contains Visualforce components and pages that I would like to reuse in its extension package. I don't want to make them global as this would allow customers to ...
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StandardController of Account to show a pageblocktable of related child object from an extension errors out

I have a object Competitor_Mapping__c that has lookup with Account. In the page, i have used standard controller of Account to fetch the current Account id from URL, used in a SOQL to populate a list ...
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How to display next,last,previous and first buttons on a VF page in accordance with conditions?

What i want is , to display the next and last button only when its the first page,first,next,last,previous when its 2nd page or more, and first and previous when its last page of opportunities. <...
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