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Migration from Aura Site to LWR

We are migrating our Aura site to o LWR Site and we encountered some "porting" problems between the two sites. Embedded chat is not supported on LWR Topics and articles cannot be used as i ...
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The experience `devName` attribute is returning and invalid name for `File_Related_List__c` route

I've been getting a weird one lately (last month+) that's stopping me from deploying an experience/community. Just what I've found in case someone else has seen this. Context Salesforce has recently ...
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Creating a Network Member Record in a Screen Flow

We have an experience site available to the public. Anyone can submit a User Access Request (UAR) to gain access to the site and perform some tasks. The requests have to be vetted internally first, ...
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sObject type 'MyObj__c' is not supported

I have an object created that is being queried by code in my Salesforce Experience. When running as an Admin logged into the Experience, it works fine. When logged into the experience User, I get ...
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Portal Verification codes getting undeliverable

For my portal users, I created a self registration portal. The users get sent a verification code after they register but certain domains are not working and I cannot figure out why. gmail and ...
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How do I get access to create case on Contact Support Form?

I would like to add a "Contact Support Form" on the Customer Service Experience Cloud Template. I receive an error that says "Looks like you don't have access to create a case. Ask you ...
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Error publish a lwc in Experience cloud "window.$ is not a function"

I have created a LWC in which I load the jQuery library as a static resource. When I publish the component in the experience cloud I get the error "window.$ is not a function". This same ...
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Experience Form with Different Google Accounts

I have a question regarding a form I created using screen-flow in our community. I've noticed an interesting behavior when filling out the form, particularly in the first step where I'm required to ...
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Is it possible to have one content section overlap another in Experience Cloud Builder?

By default, there are three sections that come with the LWR site template. Header - Content - Footer. I am doing a simple landing page for a convention that has a quiz. There is no need for me to have ...
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While installing managed package into salesforce How could I enable-Available for Lightning Experience, Experience Builder sites, and the mobile app

While installing managed package into salesforce How could I enable "Available for Lightning Experience, Experience Builder sites, and the mobile app" .I need to make the plugin available in ...
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Site.login() URL is not working on production org

We have an Experience site with a custom Apex login controller. When a user logs in, the controller captures the URL from the PageReference returned by Site.login() and sends the login URL to the user ...
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