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Sitemap - Flooring Function & listener on WP-Forms form isn't working

Issue: Form submit isn't capturing MCP data On our flooring page there must be a bug in the function and/or listener. Can you please help? Listener: { ...
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how to access clientside code object in handlebar in salesforce marketing cloud personalization web template

I am trying to develop a timer clock in marketing cloud personalization web template and i am kind of new to salesforce. right now, i have a date set in serverside code as below: export class ...
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MC Personalization: Purchase Event triggers and is shown in Event Stream but LTV remains the same

I am beginning to set up Marketing Cloud Personalization (former Interaction Studio) and now have to fire purchase Events through the Event API. Currently, the detection of Purchase Events works and ...
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MC Personalization: Item is not added to cart

I am beginning to set up Marketing Cloud Personalization (former Interaction Studio) and now have to develop the sitemap for a shop. Currently, the detection of pageTypes works, and also the ...
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Interaction Studio (Personalization) Event API

does anybody know how interactions can be sent via the Event API ( I can't construct the request in a way ...
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How far back is data retained in Interaction Studio?

What is the lookback period for Interaction Studio segments? How long is the behavioral data retained in the account?
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How can I get attributes from the datalayer when enter in a page? Interaction Studio

I'm have some issues when I want to get some atrributes from window.datalayer in the sitemap. Here is my sitemap code { name: "CDC_articles", action: "CDC_articles", ...
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In Interaction Studio, is there a way to get hold of the referral source for the current session from within a listener in the Sitemap JS?

This is what a stripped down version of the sitemap JS looks like, so you can get an idea of what I'm trying to do: Evergage.init({ cookieDomain: "", trackerUrl: "...
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