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Trouble with Heroku env vars getting passed into docker container

Summary: I have added environment variables to the "Config Vars" section of my Heroku project. The project is a dockerized create-react-app project. I am able to deploy the app but I have ...
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Page Redirect in Visualforce page - not working

I have visualforce page which opens up using in javascript written behind a custom button. There is a cancel (apex:commandbutton) on VF page which calls a redirect method. public ...
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How to mock/repoint urls to external services of already released managed package to different testing envs (e.g. qa/staging/uat heroku apps)

Our managed package uses a lot of external services in a form of nodejs heroku applications. Integrations are implemented in different ways: apex callout + named credentials canvas connected app ...
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How to Dynamically Reference Salesforce Campaigns for Environment-Independent Code

I'm developing Salesforce code that interacts with a specific campaign. Currently, I have the following snippet, but it is not environment-independent due to hardcoded IDs: if (opp.RecordType....
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