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How to Dynamically Reference Salesforce Campaigns for Environment-Independent Code

I'm developing Salesforce code that interacts with a specific campaign. Currently, I have the following snippet, but it is not environment-independent due to hardcoded IDs: if (opp.RecordType....
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Config enviroment variables in Salesforce

in others language like PHP or NodeJs. I can use .env file to store enviroment variables. For example, I need to use one enviroment variable is API_URL Then in local: API_URL will have a value of '...
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How to mock/repoint urls to external services of already released managed package to different testing envs (e.g. qa/staging/uat heroku apps)

Our managed package uses a lot of external services in a form of nodejs heroku applications. Integrations are implemented in different ways: apex callout + named credentials canvas connected app ...
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SFDX - CI - Named Credentials and environments

We have a repository with metadata in source format, and we use sfdx and ci job to deploy, some metadata (Named Credentials for this instance) contains some values that are env/org dependant. For the ...
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Trouble with Heroku env vars getting passed into docker container

Summary: I have added environment variables to the "Config Vars" section of my Heroku project. The project is a dockerized create-react-app project. I am able to deploy the app but I have ...
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Salesforce - multiple pre production environments

I am pretty new to Salesforce, just learning. My background is custom applications using Java. So I have two questions: 1) How can I have multiple pre-production environments in Salesforce - like dev,...
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System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject - Sandbox to Production in salesforce

I am new to Salesforce. I am creating an application where the user will email the JSON data to insert that data and attachment to the Lead Object using Email Services. It is working fine in Sandbox ...
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Best practice to setup a development environment with source control,vscode and sandbox

i have been working on the traditional way of developing within salesforce using Force.comIDE / / developer console. i want to move to a more robust way of writing code using a source control(...
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Find out org id

What are the ways to find out my org id? Here is a way I found. Log In to the Salesforce Help and Training Portal. Scroll to the Support & Services tile and view your Organization ID. ...
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Salesforce Global Values organization-wide (sandbox vs. production)

Is it possible to add custom global values in Salesforce so that we can use that global value in any apex class or controller? And this values will be Ids of custom objects, so they will be different ...
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Production issues handling and data sync to downstream salesforce environment

I want to know how you are handling with below business case. How are you copying production data to the downstream environment, i e test, production support etc.. ?(I have 20 plus objects with ...
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Masking Sensitive Data in Sandboxes

Does anyone have experience of masking sensitive data in a sandbox? Our organisation holds lots of sensitive data, specifically in the User object. We also use multiple sandboxes for development, ...
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how to find the environment type of salesforce sandbox

I wanna know the type of environment my salesforce org uses. I ran the following query: SELECT Id, InstanceName, IsSandbox, Name, OrganizationType FROM Organization It says the organization type is ...
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Sandboxes - Full versus Partial Copy - Same Except Storage

I cannot find anything that clearly states this fact, and it's important in my dealings with a consultant's co-worker who is being difficult. Full Sandbox Partial Copy Sandbox The different between ...
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Creating a separate sandbox environment [closed]

I'd like to create my own separate sandbox environment for development and test purposes but as far as I'm concerned the sandbox environment must be created in the production environment. The issue ...
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Page Redirect in Visualforce page - not working

I have visualforce page which opens up using in javascript written behind a custom button. There is a cancel (apex:commandbutton) on VF page which calls a redirect method. public ...
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