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Enhanced Related List is not visible for custom profile

I created two related custom objects. I have a related list in the Main Object where I need to see six fields. I assign the type-related list as Enhanced List and with the Sysadmin, I can see the ...
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Swap 2 "Unique" values in a single transaction

Scenario: "User" Object has a field "UNEQ" which is setup as Unique. Object "ABC" is adjusted in an Enhanced List View, which causes "User" to be adjusted via ...
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apex:enhancedList stuck in Loading

I have a Visualforce page having an apex enhancedList : <apex:page> <apex:enhancedList type="Account" rowsPerPage="25" height="300" customizable="false" /> </apex:page> but it'...
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How to display list view in visualforce page and make it visually pleasant and include autoscrolling

I want to display a queue list view on monitor that displays case numbers and their status. I have written the following visualforce code: <apex:page sidebar="false"> <apex:enhancedList ...
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Apex:enhancedList on change page size

When Salesforce use standard ListView for objects it adjusts it's size to screen. When I add apex:EnhancedList for same object I have to fill height parameter and as result unable adjust my page to ...
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VF Page with Enhanced List - Set return location on Save or Cancel

I have a custom visualforce page which is an enhanced list that displays one of my Case List Views on the Home tab of SF. <apex:page > <apex:enhancedList customizable="false" listId=...
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Can we access all listview records of any object using listview id?

Can we access listview records of any object using listview id?
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Mass Edit Profiles - Enhanced List View - Inline Editing - "TOO MANY TO DISPLAY"

Any thoughts on mass editing Profiles, when you cannot use the Enhanced List view because the field list reports "Too many to display, refine search criteria". This notice is not clickable / double-...
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How to modify label of List View Actions?

I have created a visualforce page and I have added the Task list view there using apex:enhancedList like this : <apex:enhancedList type="Activity" height="500" rowsPerPage="50" customizable="...
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apex:enhancedList component not displaying with Lightning enabled

I have a Visualforce page that uses an apex:enhancedList component on the page. When I have the Salesforce Classic look enabled, the list works properly (shown below): However, when I switch to the ...
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enhancedList oncomplete not running from component

The "oncomplete" event on enhancedLists should fire when the list is loaded. This works as expected when the enhancedList is on a VF page but not on a VF component. Am I missing something or is this ...
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