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Enhanced Email logging email matched records

I have a User base that uses the Outlook Integration heavily (I know this is retiring soon anyway btw) - I'm struggling to find out how this 'Other' section matches SF records. It looks to be pulling ...
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Process Builder working with Tasks created from Enhanced Email will not work

I am trying to update a custom Account field Last Sales Activity Date based off of the dates of completed Tasks of record type SalesTask (default for every profile except admin). For all Tasks this is ...
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Create scratch org with Enhanced Email activated

I am trying to automate the creation of scratch orgs, when trying to install a needed managed packaged after scratch org creation I get this error: ERROR running force:package:install:report: ...
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sfdx force:org:create fails in v48.0 when I try to have EnhancedEmail enabled

I have an issue creating scratch orgs with Enhanced Emails enabled. Config file settings part looks like this: "settings": { "emailAdministrationSettings": { "...
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Customer Community Enhanced Email sObject type 'EmailMessage' is not supported

I am trying to set up a Customer Community with Salesforce. This is an Enterprise trial org with Enhanced Email enabled. Internal users can see Related List 'Files' just fine. The Community Users ...
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Send an Email on Contacts

I am using Enhanced Emails. My use case is as follows: When on the contact record, if the user clicks the send email button, they can send the email, and the "Related to:" field is filled out with ...
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EmailMessage or EmailMessageRelation parent record

We are using enhanced emails and activity capture. I want to find the date of first email sent to a Lead or Contact. When I try to query this I see that the EmailMessage and EmailMessageRelation ...
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Are URLs for Salesforce files brittle?

I'm using Salesforce Files with enhanced letterheads with a URL like the following: <img alt="Company_letterhead_header" src="
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Test/API Difference with Regards to EmailMessage and Messaging.SendEmail()

Any resources on what might've changed in API 37 that wasn't present in 36 that could be causing the issue I'm seeing? If I update every other apex class in my org to 46 and leave the test class at ...
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SendEmail Method results in EmailMessage Object in Sandbox - Does not in Production

I am using the following logic to send emails. Enhanced email is activated on both orgs and so is Email-to-case. In the sandbox (Summer '19), executing this method results in an email message ...
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How do we check for "Enable Email Tracking" Option in APEX?

I would like to check and learn if Email Tracking is enabled in the organization. I was hoping this setting (as highlighted below screenshot) would be available from an Object in org schema somewhere....
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Understanding EmailMessage for Data Migration

As I attempt data migration from one Salesforce org to another, I am finding EmailMessage to be a very unnecessarily complicated object to understand. At one point I thought I understood that recent ...
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