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Adding custom domain to but how to make CNAME enhanced domain compatible?

If an org is yet to enable enhanced domains and a custom domain needs to be added to a site (, the current documentation says to create a CNAME like so: ... if your domain name is www....
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Is there any affect on SFMC URLs due to Salesforce implementing || ENHANCED DOMAINS

Thanks to @Jackson Chen for this Does Enabling Enhanced Domains in Salesforce have any downstream effects to SFMC through MCC? SF help article =
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Unable to disable Domain Partitioning

Recently I have notice that there is no longer an option to disable Partitioned Domains for Trailhead or Developer Orgs. I know this used to be possible as I have some previously created older ...
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Does My Domain secure our Enhanced Domain before enabling Enhanced Domains?

If we have ExampleCo setup as our My Domain and we go to enable Enhanced Domains, is there any possibility that ExampleCo is not available as an Enhanced Domain? That is, when we click that "...
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Salesforce enhanced domains redirection with Apex Rest Resource

I have a salesforce rest resource I built which works perfectly. We are in the middle of switching to enhanced domains and there is a problem we are facing. I have an iOS app on the app store and we ...
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Enhanced Domain

We use the Mobile SDK to create iOS and Android applications. After this week's update to Winter '23 and enabling the Enhanced Domain setting for production, users can't use our apps. When the users ...
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Named Credentials Error - redirect_uri_mismatch

We have refreshed our sandbox, and I'm trying to restore functionality of a package that has stopped working after the refresh. I'm following the package installation instructions, which are clear, ...
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Partitioned domain for scratch orgs suddenly rolled back

On October 2022, our instance (DevHub) was upgraded such as that new scratch orgs were created using partitioned domains. We then adjusted all our internal mappings to include the extra .scratch on ...
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Behaviour of Enhanced Domain in API Integration

We have enabled an enhanced domain for one of the Sandbox org. This org is being used by an external system to call the APIs of Salesforce. After enabling enhanced domains the API integration for ...
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Enhanced domain affect on OAuth token and Rest API calls

We have Salesforce app registration and a bunch of customers OAuth2 Access/Refresh tokens stored in our Db. The questions are: Does enhanced domain affect 'instance_url' property of the token and ...
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Salesforce Enhanced domains vs Trusted Domains

I have followed the help documentation and enabled "Enhanced domains" in my org. When I block "Third Party cookies" from my Browser setting (Microsoft Edge), I see that the ...
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Does Enabling Enhanced Domains in Salesforce have any downstream effects to SFMC through MCC?

Does enabling Enhanced Domains in Salesforce org have any impact to an existing connection through the Marketing Cloud Connector and data flowing into SFMC? My gut is saying "no" as the ...
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2 answers

Users not Being able to Login to Partner community directly from their Salesforce Contact

I am having an issue in my Salesforce org. There was an existing Partner Community enabled in it, and for internal users, for whom the Partner Community user was created, we were able to log into the ...
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How can we configure a custom domain for Lightning Experience? [closed]

We know that we can configure a custom domain for an Experiience Cloud site, but can we do that for Lightning Experience? In other words, instead of working from, ...
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Apex REST web service with Enhanced Domains over HTTP/2

I have created a public rest web service. It's HTTP POST and while calling that from Postman, I'm getting the below error: { "errorCode": "METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED", &...
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When did instance URL format change for some sandboxes to now to <domain name>

I can't pinpoint at what point/why the instance URL changed for my full copy sandbox. It now has .sandbox added to the instance URL but not all of my sandboxes have this change yet. We have My Domain ...
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