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Salesforce provides multiple forms of email, including email templates, mass email, email services, email alerts, and email sent via Apex.

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5 answers

How to override the "Send an Email" button on the Case object - Emails related list

On the Case object page, there is an Emails related list which has a Send an Email button taking the user to another page to fill in the email. I haven't been able to find a way to override the ...
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2 answers

Email Template related record not available

I'm building an email template, and I want to use merge fields from either a Lead or Contact but I also want to use a related record. I copy the desired merge fields into my template in the web-ui ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Some leads not appearing in searches

I am having a problem with some leads not coming up in searches for the lead email address. This has only recently started happening and I don't believe it was caused by any changes at our end, I can'...
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Cases: Can I show more text per email in the Emails related list?

When I view a Case record, the Emails related list looks like this: Is it possible to have more of the email message shown instead of just one line? I'm fine with ...
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2 answers

How to have a specific Email2Lead address and assign to different owners?

I want to be able to have specific email addresses, and when an email arrives to that address, it will be forwarded, and added into SF, and assigned to a specific owner. I thought of using either ...
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Optimal way to get Case.Id from Case.Thread_Id

We've implemented a custom Apex Email Service to extend the standard Email-to-Case functionality, and one area we're struggling to do efficiently is figure out the CaseId when all that is known is the ...
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4 answers

Can't use getContent() in a batch, future method, trigger etc

I have a VF page which has a method in the controller that generates PDF and sends it out via email. It's all working fine when I trigger off the method from a custom button on the page, which is the ...
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2 answers

Identify or auto-disable Email notifications non-user Email Addresses in Sandbox

I have a number of Email Notifications that are sent to non-users. Sometimes they are contact emails and others it's straight up email address like "My[email protected]" When I ...
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17 votes
8 answers

How to create a lead from an email?

I am looking for the easiest option to create a Lead using an email. Ideally I would send an email to a predefined email address, and it would automatically create a Lead in my ...
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