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3 answers

Verify Email addresses in LWC

I have a LWC component in which one of the part i am sending emails , but here i want to check that the emails are exists in real world or not for now i am just doing the format validation in JS that ...
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How do we validate emails in cloudpages? [duplicate]

I am creating a two cloud pages. One cloud page has one email input field and two input submit fields, one for Ok and one for Cancel. When the user writes their email address in the input field, I ...
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Personalization error - "Make sure that there is not a space or typo within the personalization string"

Here's my email's code: <html> <head> <body> Your unique link is: <a href="%%UniqueLink%%">%%UniqueLink%%</a></body> </head> </html> &...
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Programmatically access error log

Can the error log from Salesforce Marketing Cloud be accessed via API calls (either REST or SOAP), using an error log ID? For example, this is the status message I got from making an Update on a ...
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SSJS HTTP.Post ValidEmail with requested Access Token

I am trying to make an API request in SFMC to validate email addresses, which requires first to get the Access Token. I was able to request the access token, but then the next HTTP.Post request I do ...
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Facing issues when deploying from Dev to UAT

I have apex code where i used Email Statuses object to track the info whether sent mail is opened or not and how many times it opened. All code coverage is met , but the problem is when i am trying to ...
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Apex Email Validation [duplicate]

String email ='[email protected]' Boolean isValid = Pattern.matches('([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]+)@((\[a-z]{1,3}\.[a-z]{1,3}\.[a-z]{1,3}\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{1,}|[0-9]{1,3})',email); ...
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3 answers

Email Validation in exacttarget

Currently there are lot of tools which help to verify the email address to reduce the bounce rate. By email verification I do not mean only syntax. I am talking bout email address being valid and ...
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1 answer

Where is email validation occuring?

I am trying to understand when Salesforce validation is being performed on custom field types like Email. It appears that it does not occur in the controller like it does for standard fields like ...
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2 answers

Email Field Validation

I have a simple VF form and i would like to validate the email address field when the user click on Submit. <apex:page id="loginPage" showHeader="false" controller="SiteRegisterController" title="{...
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unit testing custom email validations

I have a catch-22 issue that I have been unable to test fully. I am using a W2L form to input lead information remotely and its well documented that using an email field can cause the record to fail ...
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