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Salesforce Classic / Inline VisualForce Page - Can an inline VF page be edited while editing the main record (at the same time)?

Pretty simple question I think - but I googled it and searched for it on Salesforce stack to no avail so far. I have an inline VisualForce page (using the standard controller obviously) that sits ...
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How to embed a preexisting VF page into a section of the Account Page?

I am taking over for a outsourced team that I have no contact with. I want to replicate something that they have already done but I cannot figure out how they did it. I want to take an existing VF ...
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Is there any way to make a change to a managed package component outside of packages and patches? Or on the fly?

I received the following feedback from an SF customer service agent, and I am not sure I understood him 100% correctly. You are able to edit the code in a managed package in developer, trial, and ...
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Lightning shows visualforce pages for new/edit

In Salesforce classic mode, when you create a new record or edit an existing record, the layout of the page does not show any embedded VisualForce pages that would normally show when viewing an ...
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Inline Editing works, but only for some fields? Can't inline edit the Stage field.

My users can inline edit most fields in an Opportunities view. However they cannot edit the standard Stage field. This SF help doc covers reasons why you can't inline edit, but the problem is, I CAN ...
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Send user to edit page without inserting the record

I currently have an Apex class that pulls the data from a record of one custom object 'property__c' and uses it to create a record of another object 'proposal__c' and then redirects the user to this ...
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How to avoid page reload on standard Edit action?

I have two pageBlocksection and i put QuickSave action on first PageBlocksection and it's working fine and it's rerender the next pageBlocksection but Now, i want one button on Second pageBlocksection ...
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Add field to active SFMC Data extension

Can you add additional fields to an active Data extension? These data extensions are currently being used to populate Active Journeys so I was not sure if I could add additional fields to the DE. ...
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Inline edit query result from costume object visualforce

the Inline Editing doesn't work in the pageBlockTable (editable but doesn't update changes). my suspicions its related to the need to update controller object from sql query running on costume ...
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How to grant access to populate a field with out displaying the field to the user

I need to prepopulate an Opportunity Custom field upon creation. I use URL Hacking to pass the value from the Account to the Oppty using a new "New" button. /006/e?retURL={!Account.Id}&accid={!...
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Template changes font code when editing

I have created a template from different content areas based on free format. The problem I have is that at first all the content is charged on the template but when I want to edit the content of that ...
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Allow actions on custom object by profile

I defined a new cutstom object in Salesforce named: file_Uploaded__c with many fields like File_Name, file_Size , ... but i don't know how to restrict actions like delete or edit based on the User ...
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How to stop redirecting to the EDIT URL when clicked on "Related List" "edit" link?

I would want the record to not to redirect to the "Edit Page" when clicked on "Edit Link" instead want to "Alert" the user with a warning message. Basically, I am to lock a record when "the stage in ...
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