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Salesforce Edge Network

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HTTP 420 error suddenly affecting all operations

This is going to be a self-answered question, intended to fill in a knowledge gap that doesn't appear to be readily available anywhere else (at least not in any great detail) Around 15:00EST on Friday,...
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After enabling Salesforce edge, I can't subscribe it via 3rd party tool

In our org, after enabling Salesforce edge, our existing subscription for Platform events is not working. To test this, I tried to subscribe to events via Workbench in an org without edge. ...
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Clarification around Salesforce Edge Network

Apologies if this has been answered before or is too broad, but our company wanted to explore our options implementing the ‘Salesforce Edge Network’. As you can see from the screenshot below, we do ...
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What is the impact of enabling the critical update 'Route My Domains Through Salesforce Edge'?

Based on the documentation, it'll use Machine Learning to improve connectivity and performance --> so is this going to switch Salesforce login by default to Edge?
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