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Questions tagged [dynamic-style]

Ability to dynamically style generic sObject components using native salesforce styling

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How do I set the height of a div programmatically in the LWC's HTML file?

I have an outer div which wraps an inner div with a dynamic amount of content in it. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this question, I want to set the height of the outer div to match the ...
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Ternary operator error, it gives me unknown property error

ive been dynamically trying to assign styling based on click of a check box from the component itself but sue to some reasonit is not able to accept the condition ive applied: <td scope="row&...
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Add variable to div inline style

I want to set the background image of a div from the variable "imageUrl". I get the imageUrl from a variable in the js. The img src part of the html code works. But getting the variable into ...
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Get computed style in Jest Test

I have the following code. Html template <template> <tr class="table__row" aria-hidden={isHidden} data-test-class="table-row"> <td>Cell</td> ...
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Lightning Dynamic Style width setting using aura:attribute value binding

Can anyone please help me here, <aura:attribute name="failureCount" type="Integer" default="2"/> <aura:attribute name="totalStatusCount" type="Integer" default="2"/> <div class="status"...
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Why isn't this dynamic VisualForce page style toggling the Static Resources properly?

I'm currently looking at the Dynamic References to Static Resources Using Mostly, it works as expected, with one anomaly: When the page initially displays, as expected, it correctly uses both the ...
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Tab Style Icon from sObjectType

Is it possible to get the tab style from the sObjectType? In other words, if I have an object with a tab icon of "People", the tab style I'd want to return is "Custom15"... Any ideas?
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