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Can we add/create a duplicate field with and without namespace prefix in a same object

I have seen this type of scenario in one of the org, where the same field is present with and without namespace-prefix I want to know if is it possible, if possible can you please mention how to ...
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Dynamic forms not dynamic while creating or editing a record?

I have converted a page layout of a custom object to a dynamic form. I have made a section conditionally visible, depending on a check box (elsewhere on the form) being true/false. I notice that while ...
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Make a universally not required field REQUIRED using Dynamic forms for Flow

I am creating a screen flow to guide users through creating a new account and contact (there's a back-story to why we need this). In the first screen they select the Record Type, and then I initiate ...
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Dynamic Form/Layout and Summer 23

I have a problem since the preparation of the release Summer 23. In the Person Account record page we have a Details tab using the old Page Layout but recently we added a new tab with Dynamic Layout ...
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Smart capture (SFMC) vs Survey (SFMCP)

What is the best way to manage web forms (smart capture in marketing cloud vs Survey in interaction studio), I understand surveys is more to run web personalisation but as standard web forms. Any ...
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What am I missing working with UTAM and creating a record for an object utilizing Dynamic Forms?

I have been fighting this for a bit of time and feel like I must be missing something painfully obvious. To set the stage I am starting to explore utilizing WebDriverIO with UTAM to automate some e2e ...
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What determines the layout of the New and Edit actions on a record?

When I added a Field Section component (Dynamic Forms) to a lightning record page, it overrode the page layout for New and Edit actions, removing those fields (which are also on the record page as ...
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Is there a way to disable dynamic forms for an object?

I upgraded a lightning record page for a custom object to be a dynamic form in hopes of configuring field visibility settings. Unfortunately my org is managed and the dynamic forms functionality does ...
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Lightning Dynamic form, with 3 columns Layout

In the preparation of the Admin Salesforce Certification, i had this question: The thing is, i know Dynamic forms can be used to dynamically hide fields based on conditions. Not to add a column to ...
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Dynamically show fields based on user on standard record page for FSL object eg. Service Appointment

How can we dynamically show fields based on user on standard record page for FSL object eg. Service Appointment. I am having a requirement where I need to dynamically show fields and section based on ...
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Query related to Dynamic forms

I need to implement dynamic forms in a lightning record page. when i upgraded the record detail to dynamic forms, the visual force page inside the layout are not migrated. how to add the vf page ...
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Show Dynamic Field Section only on Clone

When you enable Dynamic Forms, the 'New Record' form is determined by the Field Sections on your Record Page, instead of using the traditional Page Layout. I like to design custom forms when a user ...
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How can I control the value in one field based on the other field?

I am new to the salesforce , please help me to get fix for the below requirement. As marked in the image,the Chapter is a lookup field which needs to show up values based on Subchapter/Division field. ...
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Hide List view buttons for certain users/profiles salesforce

Is there a way to hide "New" button, only for certain users / profiles, on the list view of a custom object ?
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Mobile view of salesforce Dynamic Form is showing all fields as editable even though they are read only in UI Behavior

In my component, among 10 field we added only 3 fields as editable rest all are read-only. There is no problem when we are trying to create a new record. But, when trying to edit the existing record, ...
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Dynamic Forms and lightning-record-form

I have started to read about and play around with Dynamic Forms. My question is this: if I setup an object to have a Dynamic Form as the lightning record page, and then build a custom LWC which ...
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Dynamic Form set required and read only for the same field

I have a field Company I would like to config this field in dynamic form as: Read only if user has profile like standard user Required if user has profile like system administrator. How can I do ...
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How we can get metadata regarding Salesforce Dynamic form layouts using Ui-api or other rest api

I am trying to test and implement dynamic form layout for a mobile App(Custom App). For page layouts metadata I was using Ui-api. But metadata for dynamic form layouts is not in Ui-api. Where we can ...
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