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Lightning Page Dynamic Action "No operators available"

I am trying to set a filter for a quick action on a Lightning Page for the Case object. The criterion I am trying to set is "if Record > Parent Case > Case Id is not null". However ...
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LWC for quick actions - how to configure

I need to create a LWC that will redirect the user to a different URL The URL should be built with URL params taken from different fields For this task, it seems like Quick Actions for LWC should be ...
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How To Add The "Change Owner" Button Inside Lightning Record Page?

I have a requirement in which I must add the standard "Change Owner" button inside a lightning record detail page. I know that this button appears inside list-views, but I need to show the ...
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Dynamic Action filter not Correctly Filtering by User Role

I'm trying to hide the 'Edit CFR' button from all users with the 'NOW Engineer' Role, but with the following filter the button is still available to users who have the role: Here is the Role in ...
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Quick Action Visibility that references User checkbox doesn't work - appears to obey FLS?

Video demonstration: Can a field that is hidden via FLS not be used to dynamically display a quick action under visibility on a custom object via App Builder ...
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Any way to re-evaluate the dynamic action logic after a dynamic action has changed the record?

It is now possible to have action buttons rendered in the "Highlights Panel" depending on field values in the record - dynamic actions - and this works nicely in general. But it appears that ...
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Dynamic action with filter based on Role is not visible on record page

I am stuck in one thing. I have added one dynamic action on record page with filter based on Role. When logging in with end user with this Role, I am still not able to see this action on my record ...
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Dynamic Actions: Send an Email

I have been reading about Dynamic Actions, and it is setup in the org I am working in. When I try and use it, it shows me a long list of actions I can select, but does not show Send Email for some ...
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