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Unable to install the DreamHouse in salesforce

I am new to the salesforce and trying to install the DreamHouse from the link :
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Salesforce Outlook - Case

I had installed the SF for Outlook. My requirement is that : 1) Need to create the CASE from the Outlook 2) Once a case is created from the Outlook and we want to update something (via reply to ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to gain access to SF1 Platform App builder and Process builder?

I've seen the recent videos of Dreamforce about the new Lightning and other SF1 platform products. Can someone guide me to get the access to the Lightning App builder and the Inspection/process ...
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When will missing DF14 sessions be available online?

I know this only somewhat fits into a technical forum like this, but as many people from read questions here and this question is of general interest... When will the videos of ...
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Salesforce Dreamforce 2014 sessions recording

Can anyone please provide recording of useful dreamforce technical sessions. I know recording for Marc Benioff and some other management sessions are available. But Can anyone provide link for ...
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What is dreamforce?

Can any one out here can explain me what is dreamforce and what is the use of dreamforce in salesforce. Why and how we are using dreamforce in salesforce and how the dreamforce and salesforce are ...
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How to migrate salesforce outlook configuration to another org using dreamfactory snapshot

I have to migrate salesforce outlook configuration from one org to another org using snapshot of dreamfactory. I tried many times on dreamfactory and also spend lot of time to search any solution for ...
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Is there a dreamforce 2013 session list?

Has anyone created a dreamforce 2013 session list spreadsheet that they are willing to share? In the dreamforce chatter they've been saying that the session list will only become available when ...
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