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9 votes
1 answer

How to opt out of FLS validation when a SOQL query is run by a trigger?

I have a large Salesforce application with hundreds of SOQL queries. Currently, the code uses Schema.DescribeFieldResult data to determine if the logged in user has rights to each field in the SELECT ...
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How do Domain Driven Design principles apply to Salesforce development? (was: Is abstracting away SObject model a good practice for Apex Controllers?)

Domain-Driven-Design principles are largely adopted in companies embracing microservice architecture and one of the key ideas is to separate the data model of the persistence layer from the business ...
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2 answers

Anyone know of any open source ORM (domain layer) initiatives for Salesforce?

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) mechanisms are widely available and used in other technology stacks, usually involving code generation. But searching here for ORM doesn't yield too much. While ...
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How to disable CRUD/FLS check from fflib domain layer for only some specific flows. By default it is enabled for all flows using base class

1- I am using fflib for my managed package. 2- By default CRUD/FLS are enabled for all domain/selector flows (Using Base class) 3- In a specific method which is used by site guest users, I want to ...
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Enterprise Architecture, Domain layer - handling multiple records

I'm developing a project using fflib's Enterprise Architecture patterns, based on their example app ( I am a bit confused ...
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With latest fflib, do TriggerHandlers become service class consumers? If so what happens to UoW?

With the latest fflib, the trigger handler and domain logic were separated. I can see from the changes to the repo that previously, the Opportunities.cls domain class' onAfterInsert() method updates ...
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Setting up a different marketing platform while working in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Currently I work in Salesforce Marketing Cloud If I am working on a secondary marketing platform, can I use the same sub-domains in secondary platform (non-SFMC) that are currently being used in my ...
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ff Domain Layer test with disable, enable trigger context

I'm trying to use fflib_SObjectDomain.getTriggerEvent(Accounts.class).disableAfterUpdate(); on my Account Domain Class to stop after updates operations to be fired from after insert operations for the ...
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How do fflib_SObjectDomain methods implement database transactions (trigger context)?

How is fflib applying the default values? I'm working through the Apex Enterprise Patterns: Domain & Selector Layers trailhead module and I'm confused about how database transactions are ...
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How to incorporate cross-object logic on domain class using Apex Enterprise Patterns

Using the Apex Enterprise Patterns, I would like to incorporate cross-SObject logic in my domain class. Is the following example a correct implementation? Interaction__c records are created with ...
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How can we configure a custom domain for Lightning Experience? [closed]

We know that we can configure a custom domain for an Experiience Cloud site, but can we do that for Lightning Experience? In other words, instead of working from, ...
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