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force:navigateToComponent not loading component in Summer '17 | DOM repetition issue in Summer '17

I'm using force:navigateToComponent to navigate to a different component on click. On the first click, it navigates to the component and everything is successfully loaded. When pressing back button ...
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Lightning Web Components: Set scroll position on lightning-datatable based on 'key' field value

We are looking to auto-scroll the user to a specific point in a lightning-datatablewhen a button is clicked. Assuming we referenced the key-field attribute data-row-key-value in the dom then in HTML ...
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How to Address DOM-based XSS from Security Review

I have a remoting function on my page that takes a list of contacts, and displays them in on Lightning Design styled page. It works fine, but the final innerHTML statement gets flagged in security ...
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What is all that <!--render facet: 5:0--> thing in Lightning Pages about?

I know it's a "who cares" question, but somehow I care and I wanted to have this documented somewhere in the WWW :) In Lightning Pages the whole DOM is full of <!--render facet: 5:0--> ...
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How do i empty the value in lightning without violating DOM Modification

Component <input onchange="{! c.readCSV}" accept=".csv" type="file" id="file-upload" aura:id="file-upload"/> Controller readCSV : function(component, event, helper){ var file = component....
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Visualforce 'onChange' DOM event not firing when dependent picklist changes to default value

I have a VF page where several field's required attribute is dynamically tied to the value selected on a picklist: <apex:outputPanel id="idAccountField"> <apex:inputfield value="{!...
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How to remove element in a closed lightning-accordion from a QuerySelectorAll

I have multiple lightning-accordion-section each containing a small form I would like to do a querySelector on all my lightning-inputs to make sure that the user filled them properly. If the user ...
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Get DOM elements to hide an element from afterRender event in Lightning component

I am trying to access Page related DOM elements which are not part of aura component. I am trying to access elements with the help of afterRender. I am able to get the element but i can see only proxy ...
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I'm not able to access DOM element even in "afterRender"

I'm trying to create a canvas in my custom lightning component. This is a child component of another component. The canvas draws few charts, and the methods are called only after both the script(...
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Entire page appearing twice in the DOM in LEX?

So the two snippets in this screenshot are the same page loaded in Lightning. This is the "main div" as I can see it that holds the main contents of the page. I promise it is the same page, a standard ...
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How to programmatically identify that no modal is visible on screen?

I want to identify that screen does not have any modal visible, and based on this, I want to show or hide the window's default scrollbar. To show/hide the scrollbar I got excellent solution from this ...
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Can't find variable: $

I'm got this error in lightning while testing in an iPad (issue only occurs in iPad / iOS. All other os , desktop,tablet works fine). My solution is locker service enabled. All the resources like ...
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getBodyDocument - XmlException: unexpected markup &lt;

For example I want to connect to and get DOM. In Anonymous Window I have code: String url = ''; HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest(); ...
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Apex DOM get children at nth level

I have got the XML of the following format: <parNode> <parNode2> <parNode3> <parNode4 name="name1"> <flags attrVal="1" /> ...
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Detect cursor in current tab outside of LWC

Hi Im trying to know if a user is idle in a record page tab, and to do it I have placed a LWC in the record page so it could maybe read the outsider events. I have tried using window.addEventListener('...
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How do I traverse LWC DOM and find the email and phone links

I am trying to see how I am able to find email and phone links within the LWC DOM. I am well aware that it is shadow DOM so I did try to detect the shadow root inside my BFS implementation Here is the ...
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Is there a way to change the tel: and mailTo: links at the Contacts page using aura lightning component

I am trying to change the tel: and mailTo: links from the Salesforce contact page to some other behavior with onClick using aura lightning component. The expected behavior might be click on the phone ...
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select lightning input checkbox by name in aura

I want to select the lightning input checbox by name from my Aura component controller. How can I do that? <lightning:input type="checkbox" label="{!parentBenefit.Name}" name=&...
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aura render event: DOM update issue

This question relates to this post, where we got rid of the unescapedHtml tag to rather use render event for dynamic DOM manipulation. My new issue is the following: I'm listening to the aura "...
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How to change dropdown and textbox values using javascript

My salesforce page has dropdown and textbox, but require a double click to enter Here is DOM for Ground snow load my thought was to change the value of dropdown by id document.getElementById('...
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LWC third party library DOM changes not applied

I'm trying to use Highcharts charting library in LWC. I have an empty div element, <div class="chart-target" lwc:dom="manual"></div> targeted by the chart. This works well. The problem is ...
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Is it possible to add apex:inputFile dynamically to the DOM during runtime with Javascript?

I can add html elements to the DOM but how do I add a VF element such as apex:inputFile? From this post I understand that I can use a wrapper class and apex:repeat but I was wondering if there is ...
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Lightning Components: what is the easiest way to get the components DOM root element without a wrapper in the markup?

I'm having a couple of very different components and often I need to do some work on the components root DOM-node. Some of the compos have Version<=39.0 other have 40.0+ and therefore I'm not ...
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Injecting HTML into a specific location in email

I'm looking for a way to inject HTML into a specific location in an email. I'm thinking something like a javascript DOM. Essentially We have coupons that use a specific set of variables, lets use ...
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