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1 answer

LWCs cause 10-20 seconds of lag populating a small amount of elements on the page

I have an LWC template like this: <input list="counties"> <datalist id="counties"> <template for:each={counties} for:item="county"> <option key=...
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2 answers

How to add a <meta>-Tag for an Lightning app

Is possible to add a <meta> tag for my Lightning application? Within the Salesforce1 mobile application my iPhone turns a custom-formatted date visualization into a hyperlink to create a native ...
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7 votes
2 answers

DOM manipulation using External libraries in lightning component

As per the LC documentation and answers to the below questions: 1.Jquery selector is not working properly in subsequent loads in lightning component. 2.DOM modification feasibility in lightning. It'...
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event propagation breaks with API v40 - FundExplorer Demo app

Szenario We want to refactor a dynamic created list by using only one click event listener on the surrounding <ul>-tag rather having one on each <li>-tag as recommended by Christophe ...
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5 votes
2 answers

DOM manipulation on lightning:datatable

I want to add attributes or classes for rows/cells in lightning:datatable based on cell values (I want to customize styles based on values). Is it possible? How can this be achieved? P.S. I tried to ...
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div innerHTML with standard lightning web components

I'm trying to display a custom format for my lightning web component via rendered and innerHTML of a div. <template> <div class="container" lwc:dom="manual"></div> </template&...
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1 answer

Export a CSV using lightning Component without DOM modification

Lightning Controller getData : function(component, file, fileContents) { var action = component.get(""); action.setCallback(this, function(response) { var state = ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can DOM matches logic be applied to an LWC LightingElement?

One problem stopping Mobiscroll calendar working inside a LWC? is described in the PS to that question. An equivalent of element.matches (AKA element.matchesSelector) needs to be implemented for an ...
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How to pass the XML as a url in DOMParser

I found the following details from the Reading and Writing XML Using the DOM in online salesforce. As in the page shows, following one is XML file. <address> <name>Kirk Stevens</...
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How to programmatically identify that no modal is visible on screen?

I want to identify that screen does not have any modal visible, and based on this, I want to show or hide the window's default scrollbar. To show/hide the scrollbar I got excellent solution from this ...
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Unable to get all elements in List<Dom.XmlNode> [closed]

I'm trying to iterate through a List<Dom.XmlNode) in order to get all elements, but I am only able to get the first two (header - body) Here's my code: String xml='<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:...
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