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HTML document type declaration tag <!DOCTYPE>.

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How do we name a Visualforce PDF without Apex (Filename)

Here is our Visualforce Page Attributes In this example we are trying to name the PDF "Hello" <apex:page title="PDFPage" renderAs="pdf" standardStylesheets="false" standardcontroller="...
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HTML5 DocType not getting set

Any idea why this is not generating an html5 doctype in my pages? <apex:page applyBodyTag="false" applyHtmlTag="false" showHeader="false" cache="false" contentType="text/html" sidebar="false" ...
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File Upload and automatically save into attachment

I have created visualforce which displays to upload file and save button functionality. I have used to upload and its working properly in salesforce1 by clicking on save. Now I want to change the ...
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Can you set an html docType on a Visualforce Email Template?

I can't find any way to control docType of any type of email in Salesforce. First I tried Custom and then I tried Visualforce. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Why style.display = 'block' works only on Firefox?

I'm using the code below : <apex:outputPanel id="myID" style="display: none;"> ... </apex:outputPanel> <apex:commandButton value="Display" onclick="display()"/> <script type="...
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