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Questions tagged [dmarc]

DMARC is an email authentication policy that signs email messages to further improve spam and phishing filters.

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1 answer

DMARC validation with private domains

my understanding is that to get dmarc to authenticate you should have sub domains, and it will fail with private domains on the same SAP. SAP = Brand1 = (DMARC PASS) if we ...
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1 answer

DMARC, SAP and impacts to emails from individuals

Our company recently implemented DMARC and we are working through impacts to SFMC. We just purchased an SAP with the domain We send a lot of auto-sincerity emails - so emails that ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Configure DKIM for Email server with DMARC policy which does not allow to deliver emails comming from Salesforce

The company where I'm implementing salesforce has an Email server Exchange (office 365). They have activated a policy that forces all comming emails must have DMARC=true. This policy avoid to ...
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Sender Authentication Package vs sub domain delegation via CNAME

In another question on this platform, several ways are listed to setup email configurations in DNS: Marketing Cloud Sender Authentication Package configuration Many clients I work for would like to ...
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3 answers

Approval process Final Rejection email alert not working

I'm building an approval process in which I need a record to be submited to approvers in a queue, and the record gets approved or not. It's a simple one-step approval. I've set up an email alert for ...
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