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Issue with Multiplication and Division [duplicate]

Couldn't seem to find an answer to what I was looking for. If I have the below code: totalCount = 7; greenCount = 3; // Debug statement right here shows immediately berfore operation that the value ...
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Find Percentile of a soql query

I Want to find a 97thPercentile discount in soql query and i want to do the division in the query too i tried the following code SELECT percentile_disc(0.50) within group (order by ...
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Show/Hide of a div doesn't work sometimes

I have an aura:component which have two divs inside it. I run a query on my controller apex class and based on the returned value from the query, i want to hide or show any one of the div. Based on ...
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Apex Decimal Division, Gives wrong output

Decimal a = 60000.000; Decimal b = 2000.0000; system.debug(a/b); Expected Output: 30 Actual: Is there anything did I miss? Why this weird behavior?
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Print the content of specific div using LWC

I want to print a specific dive content using LWC. I have tried this using javascript: let divContents = this.template.querySelector('.voucherContainer').innerHTML; let a ='', '', '...
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"Divisions" feature and query response times

From an LDV perspective, SFDC mentions Divisions are a way to speed up query response times: Divisions... make searches, reports, and list views more meaningful to users in very large organizations ...
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