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Distributed Marketing Email Template Not Visible in Quick Send menu (DM Admin CRM)

I am trying to enable a Journey template for Distributed Marketing (Quick Send) but after I activate the journey, I am unable to see that journey in the journey list in the Distributed Marketing Admin ...
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"Failed to Find Audience for Journey" - SFMC Error Message

I am trying to create a Distributed Marketing journey/template. I am getting this error, "Failed to find audience selected in this journey". I tried to update/recreate my DE but that didn't ...
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Distributed Marketing Dynamic Content

Are you not able to use dynamic content in an email you use for Distributed Marketing (DM)? If you have a DM DE, I would think that since Salescloud is writting to that DE dynamic content would work. ...
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Distributed Marketing displays error during email preview

We have built a email for distributed marketing. The email will preform a lookup on a Stored DE to dynamically display the store address associated with the send. This is accomplished by taking the ...
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Pull extra CRM Data into a Distributed Marketing Data Extension

I am building a Distributed Marketing Email that needs to have the senders contact information and ideally a photo. (Phone, Fax, Name, Title, Email, etc.) Is there a clean way to gather that from the ...
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Queueing reports in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I want a list of all email templates which are in queue and need to make a report for the same. Can anyone guide me with this requirement if anytime anyone came across this Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
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Tracking Distributed Marketing Links Entered by End User

We are successfully using Distributed Marketing and the end users (those adding custom language and triggering the send from Sales Cloud), are also adding links to the email using the Distributed ...
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Connection issue with distributed marketing cloud and Marketing cloud

We have installed the Distributed marketing cloud manage package inside salesforce org and assigned necessary permission set to the user. Now from the distributed marketing Admin tab, We have to ...
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Distributed Marketing Business Unit Issue

I am trying to configure distributed marketing and in the very first step I am running up against this error when adding a business unit: Error: You do not have the required permissions to configure a ...
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MC Attributes in Salesforce Org

I'm working on Distributed Marketing (DM). I have created an Email Template in MC and configured with Salesforce Campaign for sending Email from Salesforce Org to the Leads/Contacts. I have added ...
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[E200]:An unexpected exception occurred attempting to save the send definition:

I have failed to create and save "salesforce sends" in Marketing Cloud and the following error message has shown up: [E200]:An unexpected exception occurred attempting to save the send definition: An ...
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Distributed Marketing Tracking Data in Sales Cloud

We are using Distributed Marketing to send emails. But we want tracking to be visible in sales cloud. Anyone has any idea how to get tracking data in Sales cloud? Thanks
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What is Distributed Marketing?

Based on the Distributed Marketing sales page and help documentation, Distributed Marketing allows for non-marketers to send emails in Sales/Service/Community Cloud using Marketing Cloud as the ...
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