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This tag is for questions related to DevOps Center, the Salesforce-provided managed package for source-driven development and deployment released (GA) in December 2022.

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DevOps center error

I'm trying to do a large deployment into our UAT environment and the 'Stages' tab in DevOps Center won't load for me anymore. Each time I click on it i get the classic error message "There was an ...
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The experience `devName` attribute is returning and invalid name for `File_Related_List__c` route

I've been getting a weird one lately (last month+) that's stopping me from deploying an experience/community. Just what I've found in case someone else has seen this. Context Salesforce has recently ...
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Getting NamespacePrefix as null while running run_tests task with cumulusci

I am trying to run apex test with CumulusCI, I am running on Unmanaged code(Scratch orgs) I have set my name space in cumulusci.yml minimum_cumulusci_version: '3.1.2' project: name: AmpImpact ...
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Move a work item backwards Salesforce DevOps

Started using Salesforce Devops to try it out; I'm confused on best practice with work items. The scenario is we have some changes (apex code in this case) promoted along to a pre prod environment. In ...
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GitLab pipeline template which includes pre & post destructive changes

I have read through the Q&A. There are links pointing to the GitLab YAML template here and this outdated blog where trailhead no longer there. The lack of documentation for this GitLab integration ...
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Permission Set X of Type PermissionSet failed to deploy due to In field: application - no CustomApplication named standard__Work found

While deploying I am getting this error Permission Set X of Type PermissionSet failed to deploy due to In field: application - no CustomApplication named standard__Work found I understand that the ...
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DevOps Promotion Failed, how to change or delete?

Our team is using a DevOps Pipeline that starts from our individual sandbox, moves to an integrated sandbox, moves to a full sandbox, and then attempts to deploy to production. In my sandbox, I ...
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Deactivating a pipeline in devops center

Good morning dear, long time no ask. I'm testing Devops Center and I'm curious to know if you can disable the pipeline in Devops Center. Any help or information is welcome. Greetings!
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DevOps Center: Retroactively removing metadata

We've started using DevOps Center to manage our development pipeline. Since it's early days, there's been some slippage, and some changes have been deployed to production without going through the new ...
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Promotion failed for a workitem while deploying a new site in devops center

I have setup devOps center in my Enterprise Edition trial version. I created a workitem and added a digital experience site in Sandbox development environment in setup and published it from builder. I ...
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Best practices for pushing objects through DevOps?

We are using DevOps to push changes from sandboxes through to Production. Recently, I attempted to deploy some significant changes to an object. This includes: Creation of record types New fields ...
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DevOps Center - Promote fails. Where to see details?

I'm trying to promote a work item and it fails. The only error I see is "4 tests failed". Is there anyplace I can get details? Logs of some kind?
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Salesforce Devops Center not connecting with Enterprise Github account

Salesforce Devops Center not connecting with Enterprise Github account It doesn't prompt for Login using SSO Tried using personalised token to login, but it doesn't allow Is there any work around?
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deploying only modified reports from sandbox to production via vscode

my use case : fix reports in bulk when there is a change, such as a replacement on opportunity stage. note: we do not use source tracking - we use sandboxes for development. first, i download all ...
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Connecting to Github Organization Account

Great news! Salesforce DevOps Center is Generally Available. I am struggling to connect it to a repository owned by Organization. DevOps Center guide says the following: GitHub repos owned by an ...
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The deployment of the work items into the next stage failed

I am using the salesforce DevOps center at the time of promotion from dev to UAT environment Admin of Type Profile failed to deploy due to Unknown user permission: CreateWorkBadgeDefinition
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Salesforce devops Center Azure Devops Support

In some demos of Salesforce Devops Center I saw info that there is upcoming support for integration with Azure Devops and other VCSs. However can't see any ...
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