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cannot see enable evergreen function development in salesforce dev hub

We want to Enable Evergreen Function Development in the salesforce dev hub, But not able to find the enable option Please assist.
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Inline editor for VF not showing despite having development mode and show view state enabled in user detail

New to VF here... I have dev mode and show view state in dev mode checked in my user detail page - however I cannot see the inline VF editor when I navigate to my Visualforce pages.
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Salesforce DX Usage with Classic and team work using scratch org

We are currently using Salesforce Classic and we have developers outside of United states using the remote desktops to login to the client machine and then using SF. I have seen the seminars for SFDX,...
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Allow a custom field to select multiple users in salesforce lightning

I created a custom object Goal and fields in it. one of the field Assigned_To__c is a lookup for users. I got a requirement to select multiple users and roles with the Assigned_To field. which will ...
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Salesforce DX and Heroku CI

I have discovered Salesforce DX and done some test using its. I have also read about Heroku CI and Pipelines but I have not understood if I can use these technologies during Salesforce DX development....
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I am getting error when trying to use addError() on Account Object

I tested this in my dev org for Account object: Class: public class Account { } Trigger: trigger AccountTestTest on Account (before insert) { for(Account c:{ c.addError('...
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How to create a record automatically when a checkbox is set to true in an object [closed]

I have an object Product stock, which has a checkbox on it called reorder point. Whenever a Product stock record has the reorder point checkbox checked we send out an email notification. But we would ...
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What is the significance "Development Mode" on User Record details? [closed]

I can see a "Development Mode" flag for the User-Records under System Administrator profile and not able to see in other Profiles. I am using the DEV ORG. Can someone tell me the significance of this ...
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Is there no Development Mode for Sandboxes?

I enabled the Development Mode in my Settings but it does not show up. Neither in Firefox nore in Chrome or Edge. The Documentation says: Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, ...
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