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How do we redefine the value of standard salesforce lightning token values?

In Experience Cloud it is possible to set custom branding set and set the value for colors, but looks like this is very limited to some colors and fonts. Is there a way to override some standard or ...
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Branding Setup Page and SLDS Tokens

Is there a place or has someone documented which SLDS Design Tokens that are marked "Themeable" Yes match up with what is presented on the "New Custom Theme" under the Themes and ...
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design token 'is not defined' error in LWC

Trying to utilise standard design tokens within my LWC so that within a community the LWC will adopt the theme colours. I'm unable to successfully reference a global design token. All I get is a '--...
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Design token to access Logo in LWC which is setup under Login and Registration of Experience Cloud

Is there any design token available to access the logo configured in community administration? Workspace -> Administation -> Login & Registration need to access in registration form build ...
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"No TOKEN named force:base.varFontSize7 found" design token build error started today

We have a LWC that has not changed for months that includes a reference to the $font-size-7 design token: .notes-output__span { min-height: calc(var(--lwc-varFontSize7,1.25rem) + 1px); } and ...
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BEN notation replacing "--" with "_" affecting Lightning Design Tokens also?

In Spring 21 BEM notations with "--" are being deprecated and should be replaced with "_" (eg "slds-m-right--xx-small" will become "slds-m-right_xx-small"), ...
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Create a pre-built SLDS CSS framework for the Compact Density UI

I've downloaded the Lightning Design System Zip and then used styles/salesforce-lightning-design-system.css (plus the minified version) as part of an external application that is nested within ...
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Lightning Community Design Tokens Stopped Working in Winter 21

Have Lightning Community design token stopped working in Winter 21? We have a defaultTokens bundle with the following code: <aura:tokens extends="force:base"> <aura:token name="...
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Design Token suggested by SLDS Validator extension not working in LWC

I have the below CSS in my Lightning web component. .customBox { height: 30px; min-width: 30px; } As the extension suggested I updated that to the below design tokens. .customBox { ...
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Could we use design tokens ("defaultTokens" file) in Visualforce?

Is there any possibility to apply design tokens ("defaultTokens" file) in Visualforce pages so if I change value of some token in "defaultTokens", this changes the style on the ...
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How can we import tokens into defaultTokens so that they are applied for Community?

It is not clear how can we define custom tokens to be used in the community in a different file then defaultTokens.tokens. Looks like that only tokens which values are defined in the defaultTokens....
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Does lightning-record-form automatically support Standard Design Tokens for Communities?

This lightning-record-form says that "Lightning Communities" are supported. And communities support Standard Design Tokens for Communities that allow e.g. the color scheme to be varied. Is that ...
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What are drawbacks of using aura design tokens in lightning web component

Tokens <!--tokens--> <aura:tokens> <aura:token name="testBgColor" value="#e7e7e7"/> </aura:tokens> Aura Wrapper <aura:component description="auraWrapper" implements="...
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Lightning Token not applied in Summer '19 preview org

We have multiple lightning components which use Tokens for CSS styling. We observed that one of the tokens is not being applied in any of the components which is using this token. Instead another ...
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Design tokens doesn't work in LWC?

I'm trying to use Lightning Tokens as described in Developer Guide, but unfortunately, it can't resolve the reference. I tried wrapping LWC component with Aura component it. Using tokens works in ...
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What is the use of being able to override tokens in lightning?

According to documentation one can override tokens. From my point of view it is very bad to do this. 1 Because once you override a token in a child token bundle, the value which is specified in ...
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How to access Lightning tokens in bundle other than defaultTokens.tokens

The Lightning [developer guide][1] is not very helpful on how to use Design tokens: Tokens created in the defaultTokens bundle are automatically available in components in your namespace. Ok, ...
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How to change customize theme, background color in Visualforce that using Design system?

I have completed the tutorial applying Design System in Visualforce. I read about design tokens but I still don't understand how we can change the theme in Visualforce. I am not able to find an ...
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Is it possible to pass dynamically created attribute value from Lightning Component Helper to Lightning Tokens?

I would like to pass dynamically created attribute value from Lightning Component Helper to Lightning Tokens, and subsequently use the same in CSS. I'm trying to avoid using JavaScript to set style ...
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Anybody using SLDS Design Tokens in conjunction with React?

The Salesforce Lightning Design System offers a set of Design Tokens that are described as the "visual design atoms of the design system". The Lightning Component framework easily allows you to pull ...
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Accessing Header Image and Other Values From Custom ThemeLayout

I'm creating a custom Theme Layout for Communities. I've created a Lightning Component and I would like to use the customization options available in Community Builder and reference them from within ...
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Removing Design Tokens Dependency in Package

I have a managed package that leverages design tokens in lightning components (and automatically pulls in our defaultTokens.tokens design token bundle as a dependency). I am trying to create an ...
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