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Ordering of fields in describeSObjects result

Is there any ordering to the fields in the describeSObjects result? We're using the connection.js file from this link. The DescribeSObjectsResult does not seem to mention any particular ordering.
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What is isCreatable and isUpdateable for FIELDS in GUI

Where can I find and enforce "CREATABLE" and "UPDATEABLE" options for fields? Because, i am able to check the permissions in Apex(below statements) whereas, not able to find what ...
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isUpdateable method return false on without sharing class

I having a visualforce page with a controller(without sharing) I have tried both method: - Schema.sObjectType.Opportunity.isUpdateable() - Schema.DescribeSObjectResult - isUpdateable() Both of them ...
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Access object fields through String

Is it possible to access all of an objects fields through the schema class using a string? I know we can do this with an id. Schema.DescribeSObjectResult sor = id.getSobjectType().getDescribe(); Is ...
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Access to SObject Schema in Apex is very slow after API v44

We needs to use Schema and DescribeSObjectResult classes to get all SObject in the user's organization. But we noticed performance problem after upgraded to API v44. The following code could reproduce ...
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To find Custom objects inside apex

I want to check whether a given object is standard or custom. At present I have a method which identifies custom objects but that is taking too much CPU time, which leads to salesforce exception. ...
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How can I get the list of all fields(API name,Label,type) of any sObject?

I'm trying to build a Dynamic list(table) of records by selecting the Sobject and its fields.So I need to get all the fields with its API name,label,type.But I can't get the label and type.(Tried ...
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Variable does not exist: fields [= getDescribe().fields]

A couple weeks ago, in the nightly test runs some tests started failing randomly (I guess it is related to the Summer'17 release.) I was not able to reproduce this, in console or Setup test runs they ...
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Salesforce SOAP API getDescribes() strange behavior

I'm running into a very strange issue for a particular SOAP API Call describeSObjects() as oppossed to describesObject() which gives varied result for a particular object. There is an object ...
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How to get object Prefix from string type of object name?

I have following code to return prefix of any object based on API name of object passed as string. : private static String getObjectPrefixID(String objName){ Schema.DescribeSObjectResult r =...
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