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I have a installed package Edit Quotas version 2.5 which is not working for new forecast type to edit quotas of a user

Installed Package Information: Package Name: Edit Quotas Version: 2.5 Publisher: Package Description: It is used to add or change quotas for forecast types. Issue : This package only ...
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1 answer

<deprecated>false</deprecated> Where is it documented, Where does it come from?

I notice that the metadata of custom objects (fields, sobjects) that I retrieve from my Dev org using the Org Browser (VS Code) have a <deprecated>false</deprecated> element in them. The ...
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Apex Deprecated Notice

Is there a good way to announce that the method of the apex class has been deprecated? @deprecated is only available in managed packages, which allow other developers to see the cancellation line when ...
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How can we use deprecated apex class again in the managed package?

Is there any way by which we can use the deprecated apex class again in the managed package?
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2 votes
1 answer

How to find code deprecated by Salesforce?

Is there any way to find code deprecated by Salesforce in an Org codebase? When does a deprecated code statement start throwing an error? Example: Two aura component events aura:doneRendering and aura:...
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2 answers

What are the risks or drawbacks of creating Parameterized Interfaces using of the Apex API version 25?

Unfortunately, as of API version 26, SFDC removed parameterized interfaces. However, it is relatively easy to create new interfaces and set the version as 25. So, to take the example from ...
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2 answers

does adding @deprecated to classes make packages installable in professional edition orgs?

does adding @deprecated to classes make packages installable in professional edition orgs? If your package has a class, you will not be able to install it in a professional edition org. A workaround ...
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1 answer

Salesforce managed package with post install class for professional edition

I have built a package that has a post install script. Now trying to install it into a professional edition, it doesn't install because of no apex permission in the org. Now, I cannot delete the apex ...
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2 votes
1 answer

EventAttendee object deprecated after API 25.0

We have working code that is based on 25.0 API and used EventAttendee object in its SOQL. We are now trying to Migrate the code to latest 41.0 API but the EventAttendee object does not exists in the ...
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1 answer

Delete @deprecated apex class

how can I delete deprecated class? In list of apex classes I don't see button to delete @deprecated class . I'm also not able to remove @deprecated attribute because this class was included in ...
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1 answer

How can I identify a deprecated managed package custom field via the APIs?

I'm in the process of doing some development in a random1 client org where they want an integration with another parties managed package. Part of this is to run SOQL queries against custom objects ...
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