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Questions tagged [dependent-lookup]

A dependent lookup is a relationship field with a lookup filter that references fields on the source object.

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Lookup (Picklist dependency)

Our system has a Case object which has a Service field and Unit field. The Unit field is a lookup (picklist dependency) of the Service (picklist) field. At present our agents have to use the search ...
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record id is not searchable in standard salesforce lookup dialog

I am trying to search related records in a lookup field and I am unable to search using record Id of the record. I tried adding field to search layout. I am able to see the recordId still I am unable ...
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How do I create a field on the account object that returns the opportunity with the earliest close date [closed]

As an added bonus, how if I want to do that with child accounts. So it’s the earliest opportunity close date of all the children. Finally, can it be recursive? It would be a shame if the answer were ...
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'Multiple items found' error when selecting from 'My Recent Items' drop down on standard lookup field

Maybe a Summer '18 Version problem? I have a dependent lookup field where you must select the value via the lookup window. After you have done this there is a standard lookup field that filters on ...
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Need more than 10 lookup filter criterias

I have 2 objects lets say Contract and CustomA__c. Both these Objects have same record types names (Contract has types A,B,C.., and CustomA__c has types A,B,C..). I have lookup field on Contract To ...
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Lookup type validation

I have an object A which has fields Country,State and Product Type. It is going to save the product types available in the state. Another object B which is going to save product details. When the ...
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dependent lookup doesn't work when the dependent inputField not displayed on layout

For Case object there are two input fields Account and Contact. I want the Contact inputField lookup to show only contact that belongs to Account inputField value chosen for this Case Referring ...
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Lookup Filter: How To Display No Result If Dependent Fields Are Empty And All Related Result if Dependent Fields Are Present

I am setting up a lookup filter to meet the condition below under Opportunity object in a custom lookup field PSource: If both Account and Contact is empty, then don't display result in lookup If ...
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Lookup Field to show particular records

I want to create a lookup field in which if user's Country is US then he can only see records of country US when he clicks on lookup and If user's country is UK then he can see records of UK
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Difference between dependent lookup and lookup filter

What is the difference between a dependent lookup, required lookup filter and optional lookup filter. I found those three concepts in many tests of salesforce and i didn't understand it.
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Need to Implement dependent lookups like dependent picklists

I have two lookups, one for country and one for state. I want that on change of country corresponding state values flows into state look up. How can I implement this? I cannot use picklist due to some ...
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