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How do I delete a Managed Package that is developed in a Dev Org

I have a custom application developed in my Dev Org and created a Managed Package for it. But now I want to delete this from my Org. When I'm trying to do so, it is throwing a message as This ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Residual Connected Apps left after managed package install

We have a customer who uninstalled our 1GP from their org. After the package uninstallation and deletion of the related data, they still have two Connected Apps in their org that were part of the 1GP. ...
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2 answers

How do I delete a component from a managed package?

We created a managed package in our developer org and made it a released package. Afterwards, we decided to remove some custom fields from the managed package but saw no way of doing this in the org. ...
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Data storage is about to finish and want to remove Email Tracking Statistics

We are running short of data storage and I can see most od the data storage used by "Email Tracking Statistics" almost 44%. I tried to delete it but I haven't get any option to delete. We were using ...
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