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Partner User Delegated External User Administrator can't activate/deactivate/edit Members

I'm facing an issue with a community user (who has the Partner Executive role in the Account hierarchy), that has the Delegated External User Administrator permission assigned to it. This user is ...
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Unable to add users to Public Group

I have created a Delegated Admin Group and add few users to this group. The Delegated Admins have access to a Public Group. This should allow them to add users to the Public Group. Some of the users ...
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How do I assign Delegated Administration via DML or query it via SOQL?

I would like to assign power-users to be admins of Delegated Administration groups a bit easier than the click-through manual process. Is there a way I can query admins via SOQL or assign admins via ...
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Is it possible to allow non-admin users to manage Email Alert recipients?

My client would like certain users to have the ability to manage Email Alert recipients. Right now their org is to setup to send to specific users, but if we had to, we are willing to setup Public ...
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Limit Admins can login as any user [duplicate]

We have implemented Least Privilege in our production org, and have managed to lock down an administrator account that can do everything BUT modify metadata. We also need login as any user to be ...
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Delegated Admin not being able to create users for assigned profile

I have created a delegated group and have assigned a user to it. Under assignable profiles,I have assigned a Chatter Free profile. But the user is still not being able to create users for that profile....
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2 answers

delegated Admin

Can anyone please let me know how to use delegated admin feature which is in Salesforce. I have made an user as delegated admin and added some profiles where those profiles can be controlled by the ...
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