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(Paid) SQL Server tool used to extract data from Salesforce orgs into a database, usually ready for further integrations. Site:

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Update created date from Data Loader or DBAmp [duplicate]

I'm migrating data over from another CRM. The person who did it didn't populate the correct Created Dates for our contacts, so another field was created that does have the correct created date. Am I ...
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Loading Encrypted Records

I have been looking to see what other people have experienced regarding loading records into an environment with encryption enabled. If I were to use a tool such as DBamp, to load records into an an ...
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requirement to directly call sql stored procedure from salesforce

I have a requirement to directly call sql stored procedure from salesforce but those stored procedure are not exposed as a service. I found a tool called DBAmp which states it can be achieved but is ...
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Datetime in WHERE clause

I am facing issue with Datetime column in WHERE clause. Below two queries are giving different counts. SELECT COUNT(CallTime_c) FROM SF...TableName WHERE CallDateTime > '09-13-2018 09:01:00' and ...
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Trying to export field accessibility metadata for all object fields

I'm trying to find a way to export the field accessibility metadata for all object fields. It appears like I should be able to do this with my linked objects within my SQL server database using dbamp ...
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Can't Use _Queryall in DBAMP for custom object

I am using DBAMP connection to Query custom objects in Salesforce from SQL database. I want to query deleted records and when i use the _queryall suffix for standard objects i get that. Howwever if i ...
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Can I UPSERT on Id using DBAmp?

I know I can upsert on an external Id in DBAmp. The DBAmp documentation makes a lot of reference to specifying the external Id in an upsert call, but no reference to making an upsert based on the ...
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Roll-up Summary fields not Recalc on import

We use DBAmp to import records from another system. Everything works fine except for when creating a new record. The record does not roll-up via the summary field on it's parent. Any ideas or other ...
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