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How to set a date field in salesforce to empty through salesforce bulk api from python

How can I use the Salesforce Bulk API from Python to set a date field in Salesforce to be empty/null for multiple records in a bulk operation? I have tried with following None - request accepted and ...
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Strange behavior for date field in Experience cloud

In a date field displayed in Experience Cloud, if the date is mm/dd/yyyy, and I manually enter 14/01/2024, it will display as 02/01/2025 when I click outside the date field. <lightning-input name=&...
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Change date format like dd/mm/yy

Here is my code, I am trying to change date format from YYYY-MM-DD to DD/MM/YY format. How Can I resolve with this one? As well I am passing the value and label to the parent component that is also ...
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Syntax in Lightning Button/URL to set date field on object from Date/Time field on starting Object?

I have created a custom button Type=DetailPage & Content=URL on the Event Object. This button creates a new Custom Object named Registration record. One of the fields that needs to be set on the ...
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How to write a formula where if the date field is not blank, to populate with text

I'm creating an email template that contains a formula where, if our date field, 'DocuSign Sent', is not blank, it should populate the date. But if it is blank, it should populate this text, "No ...
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I have a custom formula field which converts a date field to text. Additionally i want it to only convert the date field to text based on Account type

Currently I am using the below formula in my formula field to convert a date field to string : IF(ISBLANK( Fiscal_Year End _c), NULL, TEXT(DAY(Fiscal_Year End _c )) & ""& ...
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Change DoB format to 'yyyymmdd' in Marketing Cloud

I am trying to pull in DoB from a Data extension via ampscript and change the date format to be 'yyyymmdd' where am i going wrong? %%[var @DoB, SET @DoB = [Date_of_Birth__c] ]%% set @DoB = ...
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Change date format in formula to MM/DD/YY

I have a formula that uses a date field that returns a date with a format DD/MM/YYYY. I need to change the format of this date to DD/MM/YY. TEXT(DAY(ExpectedDeliveryDate__c))+"." +TEXT(MONTH(...
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Importing a date prior to January 1, 1700 in a date field

Is there a way to import a date that is prior to January 1, 1700 in a date field? The documentation says that this is not an option. Link below
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How Schedule actions work when field value changes?

I read in salesforce support page that -> If you change the referenced field value and the schedule hasn’t been processed, Salesforce recalculates the schedule associated with the field. https://help....
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Fields of Attributes with Data Type Date are not in accordance with the Date format

I am learning to use Marketing Cloud and something is not working the way I want it to be. When I make a Records in a Data Extension where one of the attribute Data Types is Date, the field shows the ...
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Not able to select year of birth in standard page layout not in visual force page

Not able to select year of birth in standard page layout. Calendar years don't go back before the following year year -
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Lightning (SLDS) styling for calendar

I have designed a VF page with SLDS, which has a calendar field, how could I replace the current date proportion of the calendar field with some image/icon using SLDS? or any other solutions? Please ...
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